Live With Rye and Friends on Broadway

Live With Rye and Friends on Broadway

When darkness falls and the work day is done, New York City's shimmering facade glows like never before! 

Every Thursday Evening at Bar 9!



There is energy pulsating through the city, the likes of which we haven't seen in quite some time.

And speaking of lights; nowhere do they shine so brightly as on the Great

White Way.

Once again packed with revelers and theater-goers, the neighborhood

around Times Square and Hell's Kitchen is bustling and then some. Restaurants are open

for business, actors have once again taken to the stage, wowing native New Yorkers and tourists alike, while clubs and hotels, at long last, feel oh-so alive!

No matter the time of day, you are sure to find the electronic billboards

that adorn Times Square lighting the way to one option after another to find good times and a much-needed respite from the travails of the past eighteen months.

Now, instead of attempting to come up with yet another hobby, we can learn within the confines of our apartment, we can thankfully exhale and make plans to go out, be footloose, put on our dancing shoes and have one blast of a time.

If you are seeking something fresh, different and fun to do then look no further than the fabulous evening that awaits you at Hell's Kitchen famed Bar 9, courtesy of talk show host and all-around entertainment maven Rye Myers.

Young, talented and on-the-rise, Rye Myers has already achieved success as the personable host of Live With Rye, an electrifying weekly digital talk show that features a diverse array of guests from Broadway and all across the spectrum of the entertainment industry.

You can catch the latest episode on YOUTUBE and Facebook, each and every Tuesday at 6 PM. Do NOT miss it!

Prior to the launch of his digital series, in the Fall of 2020, Rye was the founder of Ryethenewsguy.com, a platform whose focus is on the fun, light-hearted and positive aspects of the theater and pop culture in general.

Over the years, Rye has had the distinct privilege of interviewing luminaries such as Nathan Lane, George Takei, Laura Benanti, David Hyde Pierce and Matthew Broderick.

As the old-time vaudeville saying goes; That's Entertainment!

When Rye chats with his guests, whether it's outside a Broadway theater, in the studio, or on the red carpet; he always keeps true to his message of positivity and warmth, creating a safe space where the people who he is interviewing can be themselves without any fear of judgment.

Folks just seem to feel comfortable with Rye. He is naturally charming and keeps things real.

What's better than catching up with Rye on his digital talk show? Why, seeing Rye Myers up close and in-person, of course.

And Bar 9 is the perfect venue to showcase Rye's talents as a host, entertainer and a guy who, well, just always has a knack for making things happen.

Famous for their dueling pianos, Bar 9 wanted to shake up their already sterling line-up of special events. Who better to do that with than Broadway's own Rye Myers?

This is THE place to be for any theater-lover. If you're not already a Broadway buff; don't worry, Rye will convert you and you'll have the time of your life.

LIve With Rye and Friends on Broadway takes place on Thursdays from 7:30 -8:30 PM. During this fast-paced show, Rye will be interviewing special guests from the theater community, giving you behind-the-scenes insights as you get to know some of the veterans and up-and-coming performers who help to make Broadway the magical place that it is.

So far, guests have included Michael Longoria, Robert Bannon, Robbie Rozelle, Drew Gasparini as well as the uber-talented and charismatic cast of New York, A Musical Revue.

In addition to being interviewed, Rye's guests will sing a song or two, accompanied by the house pianist on a very impressive grand piano. There will also be trivia contests, giveaways and a whole lot more.

After Rye's turn on the stage ends, why not stick around for Masks and Musicals where you are invited to bring out your inner Broadway performer and do a little karaoke.

One of the best parts about checking out Live With Rye and Friends on Broadway at Bar 9 is that there is No cover, No minimum and No reservations are needed. Just plan on getting some friends together, head on over and enjoy.

By the way; you won't go hungry or thirsty while you are watching the show either.

Bar 9's kitchen turns out some very tasty items including their celebrated wings.

You can get one pound of succulent wings for just $12.95. They come in a wide variety of tempting flavors including Garlic Parm, Whiskey BBQ, Mango Habanero, Teriyaki

and Honey Garlic.

Other options to nosh on range from Bar 9's signature popcorn shrimp, tater tots and fresh-baked pizza to baskets of chicken or beef sliders.

To quench your thirst, Bar 9 has a huge selection of beer on tap and by the bottle as well as wine and tasty cocktails.

Broadway has been a passion of Rye's ever since he can remember. So, naturally, Aplez.com was curious as to his all-time favorite shows.

"Wow! This is a tough one." replied the young talk show host. "I love sooooo many shows. But, if I HAD to choose, I'd say the following......."

"The Inheritance is one of my fave shows ever. Had it not closed because of Covid, I would have seen both parts three times. The story is just beautiful, touching and meaningful. I see a lot of myself in the story and I see a lot of the gay community in it too.

Matthew Lopez's writing is unlike anything I've ever read. When I got the script, I couldn't put it down."

Rye went on to say that Come From Away is one of his favorite musicals of recent times.

"I have seen the show four times and I was even at the recent re-opening night. For me, the show is a perfect example of what a Broadway show should be. The message of love and human kindness is something we all need. I also like the fact that the show's score isn't your typical "big brassy musical".

One show that holds a special place in Rye's heart, (and this is going back a bit in time ), is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

"The Donny Osmond film version of the play is what got me into the musical theater when I was in first grade. That was my inspiration."

If doing a weekly talk show and live appearances wasn't enough, Rye has recently embarked on a career as a coach for creatives of all types.

Whether you are a producer, composer, actor, singer, dancer, media personality, or writer, YOU can most definitely benefit from a session with Rye. Take your project, concept, idea or social media presence to the next level with Rye Myers.

"Sometimes people hit a wall creatively speaking or just need another voice to look at whatever it is they're working on. That's where I come in."

Many critics have started to compare Rye to long-established personalities such as Ryan Seacrest. That's a nice compliment and, as far as looks, talent and charisma go, the pundits are not off base at all.

But, when all is said and done, Rye Myers is very much his own guy. Rye has a certain something going for him that is both refreshing and unique.

For a great night out be sure to catch Live With Rye & Friends on Broadway and be sure to check out his digital talk show. You won't be bored for a second!

Bar 9 is located at 807 9th Avenue. For further information, go online at www.bar9.com or CHECK IN WITH www.Ryethenewsguy.com for the latest in pop culture news with a POSITIVE SPIN and interviews with the stars that shine on Broadway!

To get in touch with Rye directly, for hosting an event or for his coaching services, here is his contact info:


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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