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At long last Broadway is back and, some would say, better than ever before. But, hey, we all know that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Sometimes, you really don't know what you have and how much it means to you until that special something is no longer a part of your life.

Covid-19 may have sucker-punched the resourceful guys and gals who make Broadway the captivating destination that it is for fans the world over. But, the pandemic sure as heck did NOT put the theater community down for the count! From the actors who bring the plays to life to stagehands, lighting and sound crew to wardrobe and make-up artists, they are all a very resilient bunch.

The Fall and Winter 2021-22 theater-going season has a little something for everyone from a slew of new musicals that'll get your feet moving to dramas that will move your heart.

Just feast your eyes, (and ears), on this stellar line-up; The Lion King, Doubtfire, Come From Away, Tina, the Tina Turner Musical, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the venerable To Kill A Mockingbird as well as Ain't Too Proud, the story of the group that invented soul music, The Temptations.

Oh, by the way; the New Year will usher in Hugh Jackman's much-anticipated return to the Broadway stage. Hugh, together with the dynamic Sutton Foster will be bringing to life Meredith Wilson's classic The Music Man.

And that, my friend, is only the tip of the iceberg!


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I don't know about you, but as far as this writer is concerned, one of the best things about celebrating the lights going back up on Broadway is finding some really cool merchandise with which to show the world just how much you LOVE your favorite show.

Whether you're a Hamilton fanatic or saw Dear Evan Hansen multiple times, the good folks over at Thespian Swag have just what you're looking for. Get to know this up-and-coming brand asap!

Thespian Swag has got it all; from basic tees, women's cut tees, crewneck and hoodie sweatshirts to toddler tees and tank tops. But the amazing selection of merchandise doesn't end there.

Owner Finley Williamson and his hard-working team offer a vast array of items, celebrating more than twenty Broadway shows, including apparel, jewelry, tote bags, pet collars, coloring pages and bamboo coaster sets.


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You will definitely find something nice at Thespian Swag for that hard-to-please theater-lover in your life. And, while you're at it, why not treat yourself? After what we've all been through over the past 18 months, you DESERVE IT !

Right about now, you are probably asking yourself: "Where is this store located? Are they in the Theater District? I can't wait to start shopping! "

Well, here's the great news! Thespian Swag is located right in your

"neighborhood", so to speak. And they are open 24/7. What could be better?

As an ONLINE SHOP, Thespian Swag makes shopping for Broadway-related products super easy and oh-so-convenient no matter where you live. Whether you hang your hat in a studio apartment in Hell's Kitchen, just a few steps from Broadway or you reside clear across the country in Los Angeles, Thespian Swag has got you covered.

Known for their amazing customer service, Thespian Swag treats each and every shopper with respect and kind consideration.

You will totally enjoy browsing page after page on their colorful website. With so much to choose from, the only problem you'll have is deciding what to purchase first. Did I hear the words shopping spree? I think so.

The secret sauce here is that Thespian Swag is a family-owned and operated business. Finley Williamson handles the financial side of things while his daughters MK and Alison multi-task, handling day-to-day aspects of the brand including emails, customer service, connecting with suppliers, setting up meetings and coordinating inventory.

Why did even Finley's stepson Kyle and his wife Laura have gotten in on the act

lending a helping hand whenever they can.


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Even though she is busy raising two children, Laura has taken on some design duties for the brand. New designs from Laura's collection will be dropping every couple of weeks. In the works right now is a line of sweatpants to match the Swag's super comfy sweatshirts.

Laura mixes creativity, comfort and a nice dose of whimsy in her designs. Be sure to check out Laura's unisex Rocky Horror Show sweatpants; her Wicked-themed tee shirts; the Hamilton legacy hoodie as well as In The Heights themed merchandise. The material is top-quality and the colors really stand out.

You'll be noticed. But, in a GOOD way.

In addition to their own designs, Thespian Swag works with a select group of artisan craft-makers who also have a deep and abiding passion for Broadway. So, do yourself a favor and check out their website often. There's always something new to be found.

During a recent conversation with Finley, we asked Thespian Swag's owner to sum up the brand's mission in a sentence or two. Finley's response was direct and straight from the heart.


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"We want every person who loves the theater to be able to express themselves as loudly and proudly as they wish. That means we don't charge extra for larger sizes; we offer both simple and extravagant designs and we do everything in our power to make sure that everyone is happy with their purchase."

Finley, MK and Alison Williamson, who danced ever since she learned how to walk, have been in love with all things Broadway, particularly musicals, ever since they can remember.

"I was in a production of Oliver when I was in sixth grade!" exclaimed Finley, chuckling at the memory. "But, that's as far as my stage experience went. I never lost my passion for the theater, though. My wife and I participate in the theater now by being patrons and seeing as many shows as we can."

"MK, though, has by far, been the biggest Broadway fan in the family. When MK was a little girl she used to create these little skits and perform them for us on the fireplace hearth. However, she had terrible stage fright and that, unfortunately, spelled the end of any

ambitions to perform professionally on stage. But MK did a lot of work behind the scenes at

school plays and always felt right at home with the theater kids. "

This writer was curious and asked Finley, if he were to hold an intimate dinner party and could invite five Broadway luminaries, from the past or present; to break bread with, who would they be?

Finley absolutely adored this question and took a couple of minutes to answer.

"Jonathan Groff, Andrew Loyd Webber, Liza Minelli, Patti Lupone and MK would never forgive me if I didn't include Laura Bell Bundy."

Of course, we couldn't allow this portion of the conversation to end, without asking about Finley's favorite musicals.

"For me, it would have to be Little Shop of Horrors, Hamilton and Newsies."


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As for my daughter MK, the first show that she knew every word to was Rent, followed by Legally Blonde and Spring Awakening. More recently, as is the case with the rest of the world, she is obsessed with Hamilton. But, if we were to list all of MK's favorites we'd be here for a while."

A man of many talents, Finley followed an interesting career path on his journey to

owning one of the most popular Broadway-themed online shopping websites.

His educational background is in electrical engineering. That turned into an extremely successful computer consulting business that, over the years, has assisted a multitude of small businesses with their computer needs.

Eventually, Finley's attention turned to the marketing and branding side of things and he founded a boutique advertising company. The multi-faceted Finley still keeps his hand in the electronics field, doing work as a high-level specialty engineer, while also keeping things running smoothly at Thespian Swag in tandem with MK and Alison.

The Williamson family has been involved with Thespian Swag for a little over one year and, already, they have taken the brand to new heights.

Finley purchased the fledgling company from Ben Bailey, the original founder and also the creator of Broadway Colors.


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By the way, you can still purchase one of Ben's beautiful pencil packs from Thespian Swag. Each pack contains just about every color of the rainbow (12 colors in every pack ).

Thespian Swag offers a variety of coloring pages for shows such as Hamilton and Wicked. The coloring pages are printed on high-quality cardstock paper and come in bundles of 5 or 10. So, use your imagination and don't be afraid to let your inner artist shine brightly. You'll have SO much fun mixing up the colors.

Anyway, back to Finley and how he first connected with Thespian Swag.

Ben was looking for authentic theater enthusiasts to take over his creation. At the same time, Finley had been exploring investing in the E-Commerce business. As they say on Broadway, the stars aligned and, as soon as Ben and the Williamson family connected, both knew that it was the perfect fit.

"I had always wanted to start a business that my family could participate in if they were interested. "recounted Finley. " In March of 2020, with Covid at its' height, both of my daughters lost their jobs. They were looking around for something that could fill that void in their lives. The timing of everything could not have been better."

At Thespian Swag, Finley and his crew of unabashed Broadway fanatics are not just building a business but a genuine community of theater nerds.

The family has created a strong bond between themselves and their customers who discovered from day one that it's actually a ton of fun shopping at Thespian Swag.

Finley, MK and Alison are dedicated to providing top-notch care for their fellow theater-lovers in the most stylish way possible.

Thespian Swag, like Broadway, offers a safe space for us all to dream big and be larger than life!

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Phone : (404) 419-7475



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