Painter Monisa Parekh

Painter Monisa Parekh

Bringing emotion to life on canvas in a rainbow of colors.

With the advent of yet another New Year, one's thoughts usually turn to change and self-improvement as well as optimism that THIS year will be better than the last one. It goes without saying that we could ALL use a little hope right about now!

So, let's sound a cheer for 2022 and trust that it will be brighter than the past couple of years have been.

New beginnings don't only mean hitting the gym to take off some of those Holiday feasting pounds. You can improve yourself spiritually and emotionally, as well, not to mention changing up the ambiance inside your office or apartment. A brand-new atmosphere can totally make a difference.

One sure-fire way to brighten things up would be to add a little color to your home with a nice work of art, especially a painting. Art can, quite literally, transform even the drabbest and most mundane space in your place into a beautiful sight to behold.

And, when you have friends and family over for brunch or cocktails your new painting will be quite the conversation piece.


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The New York City area is a veritable repository of both established and up-and-coming artists. You'll find any and every style imaginable in art galleries from Chelsea and Soho to Long Island City. It just depends on your taste and what moves you at the moment. Art speaks to us in very different ways.

One artist, though, who you should really get to know is Ms. Monisa Parekh. She may not yet be a household name on the local art scene. But, it's only a matter of time. Monisa's work is vibrant, pleasing to the eye and very intriguing.

You will be proud to own one of her paintings.

Monisa paints from the heart. She is all about translating emotion onto the canvas in front of her. One cannot look at one of these talented artists' works without feeling something deep inside.

A New Jersey-based artist, Monisa recently made her debut in the art world at a group exhibition produced by renowned comic book illustrator and artist Sophocles Plokamakis in tandem with his wife Thais and their company Start Shows.

The year 2021 has been an exciting time for Monisa. Her coming-out party with Start Shows created a great deal of buzz on the NYC art scene.

Monisa was kind enough to put some time aside from her artistic endeavors to chat with Aplez.com about her work and how this painter's proud cultural heritage inspires her every time that she puts brush to canvas.

There is a strong connection between Monisa and the Big Apple; one that she couldn't wait to talk about.


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"I love this city and its diversity; the vibe it creates, even though I am so far away from my birthplace in India, I feel that I am even closer to my culture and heritage. My inspiration as a person and an artist is the rich history of India, how it has evolved over time and what the impact is on diaspora culture today. Through illustration and surface pattern, I focus on creating bold, colorful works that showcase my heritage."

Monisa credits her mother for introducing her to the world of art when she was a little girl in India.

"She placed me in art and drawing classes when I was around four years old. Ever since that day I have been painting. My mother believed in me and has always supported my dreams and passions. When I was a child I ended up winning several National level awards for painting. This was a real confidence boost and made me think that I really COULD become an artist."

Aplez.com asked Monisa where her motivation and desire to create comes from. She wasn't at all shy about answering. Yet, she was also very thoughtful.

"I would say that anything, person or place which has created an emotion for me inspires me to paint. I am a very emotional person and I like to paint emotions in the form of memories, nostalgia, dreams, thoughts, etc. I like to work on multiple things at a time as not every thought can be translated onto a canvas."

"I prefer to start framing rough drafts for my painting trying to see if that particular composition and color blend can generate the emotions that I wish to convey. If they do, I start on a final draft; if not I keep them aside for a while and come back to the unfinished canvas when I feel the time is right ."

Our artist in the spotlight feels that it is vitally important to evolve as a person no matter what your passion is in life. As an artist, Monisa never stops growing. She is forever honing her painting skills, with an eye to the horizon and what's next. Anything and everything is possible.

"Having a background in the fashion industry, I have blended my fashion illustration skills with over 17 years of painting experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of my two passions."

Monisa enjoys working with various materials but her favorites are pen and ink; deceptively simple, yet highly effective tools.

"Whenever I work in that medium I feel energized, hypnotic, relaxed and motivated. It also helps me to reduce stress and anxiety," added Monisa with a smile.


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Naturally, the question came up as to what Monisa's favorite subjects to paint are.

"People!" answered the artist. "What better way is there to explore emotions than to draw and paint a human being? I love to paint the subject without adding any extra details to the face. This makes things a bit challenging but I relish that as an artist."

Right about now you're probably wondering "How can I purchase one of Monisa's paintings or commission something just for me? "

The good news is that Monisa makes the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

"I create canvases which greatly enhance any corner of a person's home or office. I love creating a commissioned piece after learning about a client's preferences of style and the place where they want to display the painting. This all helps me to create a one-of-a-kind piece for them."

Continuing on, Monisa said" As far as commissions go, all you have to do to get things started is reach out through a DM, an email or a message on my phone. The timeline for completing a commissioned work depends on a lot of factors, so giving an exact timeline is really difficult."

But Monisa and the client will talk all of that over during the initial consultation.

Interacting with Ms. Parekh is quite convenient in addition to being a truly joyful experience.

Monisa will ship her art directly to the client, no matter where they may be located. If you reside in the NYC area, you have the option of either having the painting delivered to you in person by the artist herself or you can pick it up at Monisa's studio. Just decide what suits you best!

Monisa believes that owning a painting should NOT be only for the privileged few. Art should be accessible to everyone. You'll be glad to know that her price points are well within most people's budgets.

In 2022, art lovers will have many opportunities to view Ms. Parekh's work in person.

"I would like Aplez.com's readers to know that I am planning to be a part of several shows this year. I shall reveal the details very soon on my Instagram and Facebook. I am also working on building up my online art gallery and will be sharing those details on social media."

A friendly, sociable person, Monisa told Aplez.com that she absolutely loves hosting people at her home. So, we were rather curious and asked Monisa, if she were hosting an intimate dinner party and could invite just FIVE guests to break bread with, who would they be?

Topping the artist's guest list was her husband. " Whatever success I have achieved so far is because of his constant support. He kept me motivated during the time that I was striving to make a name for myself."

Sharing honors at the head of the table would be Monisa's mother, who, as we know, ignited the art flame deep inside Monisa when she was a young child.


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Next on the guest list is Monisa's mentor Asha Mandapa.

"Asha is the person who made me see art in a different light. She brought me a step closer to realizing my dream and made me push myself to grow as an artist and always learn more."

Also receiving an invite would be the legendary impressionist painter, Claude Monet.

"I have never experienced such strong emotions while seeing an artist's work as I felt while viewing his exhibition Water Lilies at The MET. I just sat in that room for an hour looking at each and every corner of the canvas and the tears wouldn't stop coming out of

my eyes."

Another artistic talent who would have a seat at the dining room table is renowned Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. Regarded as one of the most groundbreaking artists of the 20th century, Piet's most celebrated work is Broadway Boogie Woogie.

Captivating to the eye, the piece is made up of a number of shimmering squares of bright colors that appear to almost leap from the canvas, then shimmer, drawing the viewer right into the lights, as it were. The painting was inspired by, what else, but the iconic cityscape of Manhattan.

As an artist, Monisa is ever-evolving and absolutely relishes the challenge to work on something that may be just a little bit out of her comfort zone.


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So, we were curious as to where Monisa saw herself and her brand in a few years' time.

"My personal and professional goals are interconnected." explained the artist. "Personally, I want to pursue a Master's in Art Therapy. I want to help kids and adults express themselves through different mediums of art. I think that this is the reason as to why I love to paint subjects that create emotions."

On a professional level, Monisa's goal is to create a larger art studio space where classes can be held and she can reach more people.

"I want people to understand just how easily you can learn to express yourself through art. You don't always need words to communicate how you feel."

This writer, for one, cannot wait to see what Monisa has in store for us next. Whatever drawing and colors appear on her canvas, they are certain to be both beautiful and thought-provoking.

Contact Info :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/renatabymonisaparekh

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/renatabymonisaparekh

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 646 309-9854

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