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Would you like to play golf better?  At first glance, you might think that is a silly question.

Of course you would! Whether you happen to be a seasoned professional or a competitive amateur, who doesn't want to improve their game.
Playing golf is an ever-evolving process. One truly never stops learning. There's always something new to discover on the golf course. But let's be real about this. Due to the very nature of the sport, golf can be enormously frustrating. It gives us joy but also a great deal of aggravation. Just when you think that you've got your swing down to a science and mastered every nuance of the game, something happens where your arms and shoulder can't execute a move that you thought was a piece of cake. Your body can't follow through on what your mind is telling it to do.
And, all of a sudden, what started off as a beautiful, sunny , relaxing day , becomes clouded over with doubt and an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

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The legendary Arnold Palmer, perhaps, said it best, when trying to explaining the "love-hate" relationship that most golfers have for this enjoyable yet perplexing game. "Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated. It satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. Golf is, at the same time, both rewarding and maddening. And without a doubt, it is the greatest game that mankind ever invented."
You could say that golf is an easy game that's just hard to play and leave it at that. But there is much more to this story. Golf is a game of imperfection. So, no matter how good you are, there's always room for improvement. That having been said, though, golf is harder and infinitely more difficult than it needs to be, wen your own body gets in the way of success on the links.
The sad fact is that most amateur golfers' bodies hold them back from the pursuit of excellence. They find that they do not have the physical ability to get into position to perform a mechanically correct golf swing. You can take all the golf lessons in the world and spend endless hours being "coached up" by the best teachers in the business. All of that money and time that you invest is not going to get you into position to swing the golf club properly, play with consistency and avoid serious injury.
Do you want to banish, once and for all, those feelings of utter frustration that occur that make you want to break your club in half over your knee? There is a better way to excel at the game you love and, at the same time, make your body the best friend you will ever have on a golf course. Help is just a phone call or email away. It's time that you get to know Brett Cohen, the charismatic and hard-working founder of New York Golf Fitness Guru. A true game-changer, Brett has over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry. Brett is the only trainer in New York to hold two golf fitness certifications, one from the Titleist Performance Institute and the other, from the renowned C.H.E.K. Institute. You can also add a certification as a senior fitness specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine to Brett's impressive credentials.
Brett's interest in helping others live a healthier lifestyle, goes all the way back to his days at the State University of New York where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in education. Brett's got your back and then some when it comes to getting you in shape to be a better golfer. With Brett by your side, you will re-discover what attracted you to golf in the first place. Playing golf should be about having fun while you relish the spirit of competition and the camaraderie of the game. Aplez.com recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Brett at one of Astoria's most popular new coffee spots 4 Fold Organic Crepe and Cafe in Ditmars. When he speaks, Brett is direct and straightforward yet very engaging. The passion that Brett brings to the table is evident in his words and actions.
A regular guest on "Golf Talk Live "with host Ted Odorico, Brett helps golfers assess and overcome the physical restrictions that may be preventing them from playing their best golf. As a golf fitness specialist, Brett assesses how the body moves in relation to the specific actions that are required when playing golf. He then utilizes the science of exercise and rehabilitation to improve upon or eliminate movement restrictions that are impeding his client on the golf course.
When working with a client, Brett keys in on developing physical qualities such as increased flexibility, mobility, stability, balance, strength and power. "My main objective is to keep golfers healthy." explained Brett. "When you optimize their wellness, in both mind and body, you keep them playing golf longer. All too often, a client's body betrays them and that starts to erode their love for the game. I like to think that I give golfers who come to me a new lease on life, so to speak."
frustrated golfer1Between sips of the delicious iced coffee we were enjoying, Aplez.com asked Brett to define golf fitness. Brett was more than happy to offer his  professional opinion on this subject.

"Pure and simple, golf fitness is having the ability to get your body in position to perform a consistent and repeatable swing with an absolute minimal risk of injury to the arm and the shoulder. In order to do that, you need a program designed specifically for your golf game and body type." Sitting back on one of the comfy chairs at 4 Fold Organic Cafe, Brett paused and reflected a moment before continuing to speak.
"It's not easy to develop the physical tools needed to perform a mechanically correct swing. Sure, you can teach technique, but if your body can't execute the required moves, then the golfer will never get where he or she needs to be." Sitting up, Brett said "Let's put it this way. Most golfer's bodies don't move the way they NEED to in order to play the game the way that they WANT to."
When we are home, watching announcer Jim Nantz call a golf event, we marvel at the terrific shape that most of the competitors on the PGA Tour are in. Well, there's a reason for that and it's certainly not to look ripped or chiseled for their rare day off at the beach or a backyard  BBQ.
Being in "Golf shape" is necessary so that competitors like Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and Rickie Fowler can excel at their chosen craft. Or as Brett so eloquently puts it, "Golf fitness is not the pursuit of a better looking body, but a better functioning body."

After demonstrating a couple of his exercises, Brett talked about the process  that clients go through with New York Golf Fitness Guru. This is not a one size fits all approach. Brett offers a boutique  golf fitness experience that is second to none. Personal attention is the over riding philosophy here. Brett first meets with potential clients for a one on one consultation. It's important that Brett and his client get to know one another. What are the clients' goals in relation to improving their game. What, if any, injury history does the client have? These and any other questions are covered during the course of the meeting.
Once Brett and the client decide that it's a good fit and begin to work together, the next step is to do a screen. As a baseline, the Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 screen will look at the clients' flexibility,mobility and stability as it relates to their golf swing. The results can then be correlated to common swing faults as well as past or current issues that may cause pain or injury.
"After the information from the golf fitness assessment is gathered,"Brett explained "I will then put together a carefully constructed exercise program to help the client improve their movement efficiency so that they now possess the physical potential to take their game to another level."

It all comes down to this: "Once you exhaust  ball and club technology you are left with... you", stated Brett, who always come from a place of strong common sense. " It's your body that controls where the ball goes. Your game will be either enhanced or limited by  your physical abilities.
Throughout this article we've heard from the NY Golf Guru himself. Now let's see what one of Brett's clients, Mark, a corporate professional who was beyond feeling frustrated with his game, has to say about his experience working with Brett.
"Like so many others,I took regular golf lessons but kind of resisted the notion that I was out of shape. I have been working alongside Brett for three years . It's been so  productive; you cannot imagine how pleased I am. Even though at first, I was a bit skeptical. I now understand what I believe to be true for every golfer, especially those over fifty, namely that we are unable to produce the swing that our pros are teaching us."
angry golfer1
You might play golf because you love the social aspects of getting together with friends or business colleagues at the local country club and indulging in some friendly competition. Or maybe, playing the sport of Kings is  a way to test yourself and relieve stress from your never ending work schedule. It doesn't matter. When you hit the course, you want to be the very best that you can be .
Some  golfers think that they can go over to their gym and get some quick tips on becoming more fit at golf from one of the trainers. After all, you've already got a membership, right?
That 's a big mistake. As good as the trainers at the gym  near your apartment, condo or office may be, they  do NOT specialize in working with golfers on either the pro or amateur level. What makes Brett and New York Fitness Guru different from the big name, big box gyms? A great deal, actually. This is a CONCIERGE service where you, the client, receives a ton of one on one personal attention. Every client works directly with the owner, not an employee or contract worker.
Brett is a fitness industry veteran who fully understands what's happening in your body. Brett has done this many, many times before and worked with a diverse array of clients.  Brett will always be there for you with a kind word when the going gets a little tough. But Brett is also big on accountability. And you will appreciate this quality of his while you are on your golf fitness journey with Brett. He will keep you motivated and make sure that you do not veer off course.
Brett also provides complete physical and lifestyle diagnostic services to make sure that you don't suffer an injury while training. Working out, strengthening your back and core is all well and good. You'll be doing that and a lot more with Brett. but, that's only part of your story at NY GOLF FITNESS GURU. Without proper nutrition, rest and recovery strategies, your efforts will fall short. With a certification in holistic nutrition and lifestyle counseling, Brett's going to ensure that does not happen.

These are programs that are tailored to you. There's no need to hesitate, even if you haven't exercised seriously in years. Brett will assist you in achieving the results you want. Brett is about professionalism and convenience, as well. His studio is located in the heart of Manhattan, close to several subway and bus lines. Brett also offers the convenience of training clients at home, should there building have a small gym orn workout room on the premises, as many condos, co-ops and luxury rentals do.
Even if you have been playing golf for years or took a break and recently returned to the game, it's never too late to start fresh. You know that you want to. Doing something to break the invisible physical barrier that's been holding your game back has been at the back of your mind, for awhile. Well, there's no better time to start than right now. And to make a great opportunity that much better, Brett is offering a free initial strategy session.
New York Golf Fitness Guru - Feel the difference in your body. See the difference in your swing.

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