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Meghan Ryan has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health Sciences and a minor in French languages, from Stetson University in Deland, FL.


She is a nationally certified personal trainer, running coach and nutrition coach from many of the major governing bodies of health and sports medicine in the USA:

- ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)-Health and Fitness Specialist
- NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)-Performance Enhancement Specialist
- RRCA (Road Runners Club of America)-Running Coach
- USATF (USA Track and Field)-L1 Running Coach
- Precision Nutrition Coach
- Pre-Post Natal Certified


She has been developing her craft through coaching and her passion for running, health and fitness for over nine years.  She has obtained experience having trained at gyms in Gainesville, FL, Orlando, FL, and currently in Manhattan, New York City.  She currently trains at Equinox Fitness, on E.74th Street and Second Ave, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

As a lifetime devoted runner and athlete (since she was four years old), having run for Division 1 NCAA Cross Country Program at Stetson University,having completed 11 major marathons and ultra marathon races combined with almost 10 years coaching in the field, she has learned varied skill sets through her training experience and dedication to guide you along your personal journey toward wellness in running, nutrition, and resistance training for performance, strength and health. She will coach and guide you from the inside out to find your desires and goals helping cultivate your inspirational, well-balanced path working toward your goals.  Shine On!


Coach Meghan believes a balanced lifestyle is part doing what you love and enjoy with physical and emotional ease, and part meeting your needs to challenge your limits to continually grow into a better version of yourself.  Let Shine On Running help you achieve your goals!

“Shine On” began as a personal mantra for Coach Meghan Ryan, as she grew as a person, coach and runner. It was the mantra she created during a testing time in her personal life and it helped calm and focus her daily training runs. Since then, running has been more than just a daily regimen for her, it is a way of existence, and a friendship with herself that is always there as support.


Shine On Running was developed from this need for support and guidance. Meghan’s mission is to share her extensive experience with you through online coaching; enabling you to reach your full running potential.
Shine On Running is devoted to:

    helping you create a strong mind and body for a life time of running
    developing quality, customized programs suited for all running needs and goals
    training smartly by respecting your current limitations and challenging your boundaries


We know that the ability to cultivate oneself is challenging enough alone, but with the support of a dedicated coach who cares about your potential, we will create a plan to reach your goals.


    Staten Island 6 hour Ultra marathon-33.22 miles completed/7th place female (September 2013)
    Le Marathon de la Baie du Mont Saint Michel (May 2013)–3:41
    West Virginia Trilogy 50km Ultra Trail race/4th place female (October 2012)--7:13
    Poconos (May 2012)--5:00
    Toronto (May 2012)--3:51
    San Francisco (October 2011)--4:04
    New York (November 2009)--3:29
    Boston (April 2009)--3:15
    Miami (January 2009)--3:29
    Chicago (October 2008)--3:17
    Paris (April 2004)–4:12

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