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Soul Cycle’s – NYC full-body workout has revolutionized indoor cycling and taken the world of fitness by storm. Combining inspirational coaching and high-energy music, SoulCycle offers an engaging workout that benefits both the mind and the body.

Each SoulCycle ride delivers an intense FULL-BODY workout with a fun and energizing atmosphere. Not only do riders burn calories and get their hearts pumping, but using the SoulCycle® Method, riders also work their core and use hand weights to tone their upper bodies. In all of our studios, we ensure that SoulCyclists are treated to the country’s best instructors and staff, trained to deliver unique services and personal attention to all levels of riders.

In select studios, we also offer SoulBands, our REVOLUTIONARY class that challenges the entire body by using resistance bands that hang above each bike. The 60-minute workout includes several anaerobic intervals and trains the WHOLE body, toning the abs, obliques, shoulders, triceps, biceps and back – all while maintaining fat-burning cardio levels.

Beyond providing an intense cardio workout, SoulCycle also incorporates a mental component of inspirational coaching. By keeping the lights low and riding by candlelight, SoulCycle creates a cardio sanctuary where riders can come to clear their heads.

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Address: 1470 3rd Avenue
Borough: Manhattan
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 10028
Phone: 212-639-1300

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