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At G-Free NYC, we know firsthand how difficult being gluten free can be. It’s our mission to make it easier. Here are our promises to you:

Gluten Free Shop in NYC. You don’t have to change your lifestyle. We believe you don’t need to visit multiple stores to buy the products you like. You don’t need to use complicated “gluten free” recipes that require lots of hard-to-find ingredients. And, you don’t need to bake or cook if you don’t want to.

A gluten free diet doesn’t have to be complicated. Not only can you shop at one store for all your gluten free products, you can buy items that simplify your life. A good all purpose GF flour can be used as a wheat flour replacement. Our fresh baked goods and frozen meals alleviate the need to bake and cook.

We remove all the worry. We’ve all tried one too many products that taste like cardboard or have the texture of sand. At G-Free NYC, we’ve taken the guesswork out of shopping by tasting everything and only carrying the products we love.

Putting safety first. Ideally, we’d like all our products to be certified GF or made in a dedicated gluten free facility. However, when dealing with small, up-and-coming manufacturers this is not always the case. If we think a product is worthy, we question the manufacturer on their safety procedures. And we taste every product. If our sensitive tummies don’t have a problem then yours won’t either.

Nutritional value is important to us. We know the importance of nutrition in a gluten free diet. We look for products that not only taste great, but contain a wide range of gluten free grains for a healthier, well-rounded diet.

Supporting local businesses. We’re lucky to have found so many amazing GF manufacturers in the tri-state area to help us bring you the best in gluten free. And, thankfully, our artisanal bakers are close at hand to deliver their fresh baked goods directly to G-Free NYC.

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Address: 77A W. 85th Street
Borough: Manhattan
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 10024
Phone: 646-781-9770

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