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Casa Enrique, a restaurant like no other in LIC.


Long Island City has an amazing array of interesting restaurants to choose from. These restaurants reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity that is a hallmark of one of the city's trendiest neighborhoods. All you need to do is take a short stroll over to Vernon Blvd. and detour down a side street at 5-48 49th Avenue.

At Casa Enrique you will discover delicious Mexican comfort food, prepared by a Michelin-starred Chef, the charismatic and talented, Cosme Aguilar. In fact, Casa Enrique is one of the select few LIC based restaurants to have been awarded a coveted Michelin star two years in a row. That's quite an accomplishment. However a recommendation from the experts at Michelin is far from the only reason that you should visit Casa Enrique. I'ts the genuine Mexican-style hospitality and the savory and tasty Mexican dishes that come out of the kitchen, that will keep you returning again and again.

When ordering here, there are a variety of culinary roads where you can travel. The West coast of Mexico is known for their seafood dishes. Chef Cosme offers a delightful Ceviche de Pescado, consisting of fresh caught market fish prepared with lime, onions, avocado and tomato. Chef's shrimp cocktail, Mexican style, features fresh shrimp dressed with cilantro, onions and avocado.

One of the specialties of the house are the Chef's delicious Taquerias. You may choose from Chorizo, brisket, cow tongue, pork or chicken seasoned with mesquite. Enchiladas are done up true to tradition, but with some of  the innovative touches that helped Chef Cosme earn his Michelin honors. A customer favorite is Chef Cosme's skirt steak marinated in tequila with roasted poblanos and beans. Among entrees, the signature dish is the Mole De Piaxtla, which is chicken and rice with mole sauce. Chef Cosme's Mole sauce is something very, very special. It consists of dry peppers, almonds, raisins, plantains, sesame seeds and chocolate. Words alone cannot describe it, so we won't even attempt to try. Please, go on over to Casa Enrique and taste the Mole de Paixtla, for yourself.

Casa Enrique's bar may be on the small side, but the mixologists make a powerful statement. Stand-out selections include the Coco-Mojo, a mojito mixed  with rum Bacardi and coconut cream. The Paloma is a light and refreshing blend of Jimador Blanco, club soda and grapefruit juice. The atmosphere at the Casa is rustic and festive. During the day, the room is sun-lit and inviting. By night, the restaurant glows with subdued candle light, taking on a romantic, intimate vibe.

Don't wait for an anniversary or birthday to reserve a table. Casa Enrique is a special occasion onto itself. It's time to celebrate being alive at Casa Enrique!

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Address: 5-48 49th Ave.
Borough: Queens
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 11101
Phone: 347-448-6040

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