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Whiskers - Astoria. Holistic Pet Care. Welcome to the brave new world of alternatives in pet health care. Founded in 1988, our mission is to bring the benefits of holistic wellness concepts to the universe of companion animals through the education of pet care-givers, and to foster the research, identification and introduction of products and methods to further that aim.


At Whiskers, we operate on four basic principles:

  • The health and well being of your companion animal, and of all animals in general is our primary concern.
  • How that companion animal lived and ate in the wild is our model.
  • Nature is the only perfect system... and the best healer.
  • Your convenience and cost are major concerns because if it costs too much or is not convenient, you won't do it.

Whether you are well-versed in the principles of holistic health care or new to the concept, one thing is sure, what we offer in the way of knowledge, products and methods works. We have thousands of success stories to back that up. In today's world of hype, hysteria and general rip-off atmosphere, we invite you to test our beliefs and methods for your pet's sake. The worst that can happen is that nothing happens. The best is that you will actively participate in maximizing the health and well being of those who love you without reservation, without the use of toxic, debilitating substances or invasive procedures.

WE ARE NOT VETERINARIANS. WE DO NOT PRESCRIBE. We ask questions, lots of questions. We spend time, often lots of time with people who have been to many other sources, from vet to vet, store to store-with few or no positive results. We use knowledge gained from studying, researching, conferring with professionals and from direct, successful experience. We can outline a course of action, and provide access to what we believe to be the most effective products and methodologies to achieve a result. We can advise you regarding a variety of products so that you, as caregiver, can make choices that make sense to you, your animal, your budget and your individual situation.

A lot of love goes into everything here at Whiskers. The whole staff are "animal crazies" and truly want only the best for you and yours.

Please, feel free to choose any category of products listed on the left toolbar of the site and don't forget to check out Whisker's Own Products and more....


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Great Organic/Holistic Dog Food Selection!

I love the selection of organic dog food. I only eat organic and want the same for my Lab. Hard to find places with such great selections like Whiskers.

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Address: 19-25 Ditmars Boulevard
Borough: Queens
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 11105
Phone: 718-626-8590

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