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Best Hotels 2018 - Long Island City, NY

in Seasonal & Local

One of the fastest growing and trendiest neighbourhoods in NYC, Long Island City, has undergone an amazing Renaissance over the last decade or so. Long Island City is a community that is filled with character and personality and so are its unique and charming boutique hotels.

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Best Hotels - Long Island City - LIC, NY

in Seasonal & Local

Best Hotels in Long Island City, New York. There are so many top rated boutique hotels in LIC, one could say it is quickly becoming the Las Vegas of the Big Apple. One of the trendiest and most talked about neighborhoods just a few minutes away from Manhattan, Long Island City, is no longer an up-and-coming community, it has definitely arrived!

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LIC Living - LIC

in Interviews

Gift Shops in LIC. The Best in Style and Home. Long Island City residents, Jillian Tangent and Rebekah Witzke, are the very fashionable and entreprenuerial force behind one of Queens premier shopping destinations, LIC Living, where every product tells a story.

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OptimEyes Vision of LIC

in Editor's Picks

Eyeglasses Store and Optometrist Office - Long Island City, NY. Throughout time, words of wisdom tell us that the eyes are a window to our soul. No doubt it is through our eyes that we express our deepest feelings: love, joy, anxiety, anger and sadness.

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