For Business Owners

For Business Owners

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Reasonable Marketing for the Web

Information is power - if you have the right tools. Aplez's suite of Deals & Coupons offers a large selection of marketing tools targeted in your local market, providing total visibility for your business plus a strong competitive advantage.


Bringing The Customer Into Focus

With aplez, customers get the right insights to make smarter decisions. Through our easy-to-use platform, your local customer is aware of your deals and at the same time the customer of your competitor is too. Due to our strong appearance on the top ranking results of Google Search & Bing Search, thousands of users are browsing aplez in a daily basis. 

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Powerful Tools To Help You Succeed

Aplez is offering to the Business Owners a series of strategic tools that makes the difference and bring results:

  • State of the art business presentation

Your business page is rich on professional hi-resolution photography, and includes everything that have to do with your business, including your message, history, website link, online order or e-commerce link, street view, google maps, number of views, videos, your social media link and anything else that you may want. This way the user finds in one place everything that is affiliated with your business, nice written and presented.

  • Mutlitple Google, Bing and Yahoo listing pages (up to 8/business)

Aplez is using a unique web-marketing system, that combines strong Search Engine Optimization results for each business. This results to multiple appearance of one business in all major search engines which improve your total web presence and the popularity of your business. In addition to this, our custom keyword combination takes in great consideration what users are searching locally and how. Our experience team, gather these data and creates many complete S.E.O. friendly links for the business, the images, the information, the videos, the interviews etc.

  • Active SEO page for your business and your deal

One of the most important factors in keyword searching is the title and the content of each page. Our editors make sure that each time you are changing your deal, your listing will not dissapear from the search results, but will remain in the same high-ranking position, due to our active indexing and SEO system.

  • Certified Site Metrics from Google Analytics

We are able to provide you in a monthly basis how many people search your business on the web (not only on Aplez) and how many show your deal and your business information.

  • Direct Contact with your customer

Both the deal page and the business page provides direct communication with the potential customer. That way the user doesn't have to leave the website, or do anything that will unfocus his intention to make business with you.

  • Time-Spending Free (you don't have to take coupons, write names, make transactions, cut your prices at half)

One of the most important factor of our success is that the user doesn't have to buy something or to use a credit card. All our deals are directed presented to your business, so actually you are not loosing 50 percent or more that the 'big' coupon and deals websites are asking.

Multi-Awarded technology in your hands including FREE mobile & tablet pages

Completely manageable by you

No long-time contracts

Local Marketing includes printed flyers and advertising


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