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Manhattan West Side
Calle Dão is designed to pay homage to Havana’s once-thriving El Barrio Chino (Chinatown).
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Manhattan West Side
Since 1998, Calle Ocho has been serving up the best Nuevo Latino Cuisine in NYC with our festive sangrias, mojitos, flavor packed ceviches, tapas, savory steaks and sizzling selection...
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Manhattan East Side
Yerba Buena presents an innovative take on latin cuisine.
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Manhattan West Side
YerbaBuena Perry is a chic 55-seater that stirs up an era gone by-1950's Cuba.
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Lower Manhattan
Cortadito feels like a paladar, one of the restaurants in private homes that the Castro government allows because they bring in tourist dollars.
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Sabor De Cuba is one of the rising stars on the Cuban culinary scene in the Astoria neighborhoods. If you are looking for authentic Cuban food, served in a...
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Manhattan East Side
Food by Chef Andrew D'Ambrosi; Cocktails by Tom Chadwick, Alan Denniberg, and Jessica Wohlers.
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Long Island City
From what used to be a residential studio, has now transformed into an incredible Latin restaurant and lounge.
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Authentic Home Style Cuban Restaurant. Cuban Owned and operated.
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Lower Manhattan
Agozar! means to have a great time, and you will in this hip Cuban restaurant and Lounge offering the best in Cuban cuisine and Latin drinks.
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