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Long Island City Physical Therapy. World class physical therapy, with a gentle soothing touch, awaits you right in the heart of LIC.

LIC Physical Therapy opened its doors in 2005. Since then Patricia Brancale M.S.,R.T.,C.L.T. has provided men and women in her community with a wide range of services that are designed to help them feel better and move around more freely. Patricia and her expert, caring staff have over twelve years of experience in treating sports orthopedic and pre and post surgical conditions as well as geriatric needs and lymphedema.

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At LIC Physical Therapy one size does NOT fit all. During your initial consultation Patricia will sit down with you, evaluate your condition and find out just what your goals are. She will then  design a personalized treatment plan that is specific to your needs. Her state-of-the-art-office utilizes only the latest equipment and machinery involved in her patient's treatment including an ultra-sound device. The treatment area is spacious, extremely clean and has a warm and welcoming ambiance. It's the kind of place that you will enjoy spending time in, as you work alongside Pat to get better. Ther is even a beautiful outdoor patio, complete with flowers, plants and a rock garden!

LicPhysicalTherapyNew 2"My patients find this  view of the patio to be very relaxing. In good weather, some of my patients will do light exercises out there."The patio area is fenced in for privacy. What other physical therapy office can boast such a wonderful amenity?

A long-time resident of LIC, Pat chose this neighborhood so that she could give back to the community she loves. "For some time, I realized that there was a real need for this kind of service in LIC. So I decided that I would make it happen."

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LIC Physical Therapy is actually Pat's second act in life. "I started off in the corporate world and worked as a computer analyst for awhile. But it was just a job." So, how did Pat's 180 degree career turn come about, anyway? "Well, I have always been physically active. I love to ski, hike and I used to do a lot of running. Like most active people, I suffered my share of sports related injuries. The more that I worked with my physical therapist, the more interested I became in doing this as a career. I absolutely love what I do. You could say that I found my niche."

A former personal trainer, who has always had a passion for helping others, Pat is a New York State certified physical therapist. She is also certified as a lymphedema therapist as well as in Pilates mat.

"For some of my patients, especially the younger ones, I will incorporate elements of my personal training background. Many of them come to me with injuries that they suffered biking or running along the waterfront in Gantry State Park. The Pilates stabilization exercises do help with back pain and stiffness."

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One of Pat's greatest satisfactions in life is helping  patients with Lymphedema. This emotionally and physically draining condition is a chronic and progressive swelling of either a limb or other body part. The condition is life-long and can only be managed. There is no cure. Most people who develop Lymphedema have undergone radiation therapy for cancer. This condition is particularly common among women who have been treated for breast cancer.

Patricia was certified by the Academy of Lymphatic studies in 2001. Her treatment regimen is all-encompassing and includes patient education,manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging as well as home management of the condition.

"We have a real mix of patients here. Our demographics tend to reflect the diversity of the neighborhood. During the day, we get a lot of Seniors. I can help people who have had knee or hip replacements. We also do fall prevention and work with seniors on their balance and co-ordination issues. After 5 PM, that's when the young professionals come in"

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Sometimes, young families will bring a child in who has had some type of an injury and requires therapy. "Every day presents a different client and challenge. No two days are alike. One hour I will be showing a patient the proper way to use a cane or a walker. Then, a couple of hours later, I may be working with a woman in her twenties who pulled a muscle while hiking with her boyfriend in the Hudson Valley."

Patricia works as closely as she can with surgeons and primary care physicians who refer patients to her office. Sometimes, she finds herself acting as an advocate for the patient when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and their bureaucratic red tape. Dealing with the insurers can all too often, be a source of frustration. " But it comes with the territory and if making a couple of extra phone calls can help my patient, then I am happy to do it". This is the personalized care that you can expect at LIC Physical Therapy.

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Besides Pats' charming manner and professional expertise, one of the best things about LIC Physical Therapy is its convenience. The office is located only a few short blocks from the #7 Vernon-Jackson Train station. If you work or live in the Court Square neighborhood of LIC, Pat is just a ten minute walk or short drive away. Always eager to keep up with changes and advances in her profession, Pat is currently working on her Doctorate in physical therapy. "In this field, you never stop learning. There is always something new happening that can benefit my patients."

Elite athletes on teams like the Mets, Yankees, Jets and NY Giants are used to receiving top of the line physical therapy from the best trainers and therapists in the business, for their on the field injuries and post-op recovery. Now you can too at LIC Physical Therapy.

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