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Fundraising, as well as connecting with the right investors, is important to all businesses, especially when the time is right for growth. As fast as we have grown over the past three years, aplez.com is planning to expand our horizons even further in the next few months. Aplez.com has big plans for the future, so the time is right to raise capital for continuing to build a solid and long-lasting foundation.

Here's some information to help you make up your mind easier.

About us:

Aplez.com is a complete, active deals platform, that is centered around New York City businesses, local residents, tourists and business travelers.

The Dream:

We like to think of ourselves as not just another deals website but as a whole new way to help businesses promote their deals and reach new customers. At the same time consumers always have quick and easy access to the best local savings.

Our Story:

Here at aplez.com we strongly believe that saving every day is one of the most important and useful habits that a person can develop. Saving in fact, is one of the keys to having disposable income. And as we all know, consumers with disposable income tend to shop more often and spend more money when they do shop. Aplez.com appeals to our human nature. We all love to save money when we're going out for a night on the town, grabbing a smoothie at a local juice bar, or picking up some wine for the weekend.

Living and working in the trendy, up-and-coming neighborhood that we call home, we noticed hundreds of ways to save daily. In fact, local, money-saving offers are everywhere. In newspapers, flyer handouts, mailers, online coupons, as well as on menu boards in front of bars, cafés, restaurants, boutiques, nail salons and the door of your neighborhood gym.

But it can all be just a little confusing and overwhelming. We are busy people and really, who has the time to look all over the place for the latest deals or search every business website to see their current promotions.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was one, user-friendly place where you could find all the latest deals and offers in the neighborhood? Well now there is. Welcome to Aplez.com!

Aplez.com is a complete online savings guide, where you can quickly and easily keep up with the latest savings all around you. An acronym for "always pay less ez", Aplez.com also features popular blogs where you can read about trendy hotspots, discover new chefs and their restaurants, as well as read interviews with local Entrepreneurs.

Another unique feature available only at Aplez.com, is what we call SMR. SMR is short for Social Media Ratings. With a quick glance, users can see the average social media star ratings available on Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Zagat, etc. for any selected business. This is the most reliable online rating feature available today, and helps everyone get a true sense of what the business is about.

Cutting coupons out of newspapers and wasting time while you're trying to find a flyer you were handed last week is so yesterday. Now, there's a easier and much faster way to find all the latest deals in your neighborhood. Aplez.com is on the cutting edge of the next generation in small business marketing/promotions and consumer savings, creating a win-win for all!

Our Team:

Aris D RotsosAris D. Rotsos, Founder

Aris D. Rotsos, founder of Aplez.com, received his bachelors in chemistry from Kean College of New Jersey. Aris completed his dental education at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and his advanced training at Brookdale Hospital and New York University Dental School.

Aris is The founder and clinical director of New York Dental and a senior consultant for dental.net.

Victor Paul MarassoVictor Paul Marasso, Editor in chief

Victor attended Fordham University, where he majored in communications media with a minor in political science.

With a strong background in editorial work and marketing, Victor worked in the sales department of Lebhar-Friedman Publishing for several years. Victor also was an integral part of the team at The Harris Poll, where he worked under legendary political pollster Lou Harris. Victor formulated and conducting opinion polls on behalf of the firm's clients.

Prior to joining Aplez.com, Victor's research and writing talents were utilized by several major law firms including Butzel Long, Pepper Hamilton as well as the legal department at Scor Global reinsurance.

john profileJohn Varsamis, Web Consultant

John is a 20 plus years experienced professional in the web industry. Over the course of his career, John earned more than 40 international awards from various organizations and magazines.

John is actively involved in interesting projects as a consultant. As one of the pioneers in portals and complex platforms, John and his team, handle almost everything that has to do with the technical aspects of a website.

Sharon AsherSharon Asher, Consultant

Sharon Asher was the founder and a chairman of Relocation.com. Relocation was the leading online consumer resource for relocation services, as well as other online resources in related categories. Relocation.com was acquired in 2012, and Sharon became a successful real estate investor.

Sharon is also the founder of dental.net, a business that is currently under development.

The Website:

Our platform embeds multiple technologies and sub-platforms: Complete business & deals listings database, professional blogging system, entreprise level advertising system with complete stats, registration system with live api from facebook, twitter and google plus, rss feed submission, custom SEO optimization per listing, native resolution for desktops, tablets, iphones and androids. It took us more than 2 years to get on this point and there are further more to obtain in the near future. Our website was awarded the Platinum Award from Hermes Creative Awards in 2016.

The Numbers:

We have more than 125,000 subscribers to our newsletter. We are getting more than 239,000 hits per month with an average of 2,8M per year and more than 2M unique visitors. Our website ranks on first page of Google for more than 1500 keywords and combinations. We are also getting a lot of traffic from other cities and countries from future visitors of NY.


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