Astoria's Best Wine Bars, Astoria NY

The neighborhood of Astoria, which has been coming on strong in terms of offering some of the best culinary and nightlife options in the city, has some delightful wine bars that you need to check out asap!

CULIRAW - Guilt-Free Vegan Desserts

Guilt-Free desserts that Happen to be Vegan! Few would argue that New York City is a foodie paradise without peer. Featuring diverse cuisines that run the gamut from Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Thai and Japanese to Tex-Mex and Southern soul food the Big Apple has it all.

Sabyloo And It's Founder, Sabrina Avila

Artisan gifts and seasonal promotions from the heart for Pet Moms and Dads. One of the nicest things about living in New York is, surprisingly enough, the change of seasons.

Pet Friendly Cafes and Restaurants in Manhattan

Over the last decade, Manhattan has been catching up to Europe and Asia in terms of allowing dogs to sit at their owner's feet in an outdoor cafe setting or, being able to dine under the same roof at specially designed restaurants.

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