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DanceTogetherNYC offers a variety of professional Latin & ballroom dance instruction in a fun and relaxed environment for people of all ages and abilities.

Ready to learn how to dance, have fun, and feel fabulous?
DanceTogetherNYC offers a variety of professional Latin & ballroom dance instruction in a fun and relaxed environment for people of all ages and abilities.
Here we go again! You're at a friend's wedding or out with your crew at a trendy club and you find yourself just sitting there watching, while everyone on the dance floor is having a great time.
You are just itching to get up out of your seat and strut your stuff while you lose yourself in the music. The beat is intoxicating. It's time to dance away the cares of the day. 
You're feeling it, so what exactly is holding you back?  Well, being self-conscious has a lot to do with your reluctance to get moving and grooving. You are afraid that friends and even total strangers will judge you and, maybe even laugh behind your back. That's a heavy burden to bear.
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But the heart of the matter is the feeling that you really don't know how to dance. After all, you've been telling yourself for years that you have two left feet and, when it comes to getting the right timing and steps down, you are absolutely cluelessDon't be so hard on yourself because we've all been there at one time or another. It's never too late or, for that matter, too early to learn how to dance.

And, what if you could learn the steps to any song and dance-style you want in a judgment-free environment under the watchful eye of a world-class instructor who brings her heart and soul to each and every class. Would that motivate you?

If that's the case, then it's time to give yourself up to the beat and let dance teacher extraordinaire Simone Assboeck bring out the dancer inside you that's been waiting to get out, all these years.
A licensed Latin and ballroom dance instructor with over fifteen years experience, Simone Assboeck has seen and done it all on her journey through the world of professional dance.
Simone has competed in high-level ballroom competitions, the world over and is also an in-demand choreographer and movement therapist. Her teaching credits include Ballet Hispanico, Latin Moves Dance Studio, The Brooklyn Museum's Dance Nights and the Lincoln Center Summer Dance Festival.
Charismatic, with a positive energy that will infuse your spirit, Simone is comfortable in every dance style, from the waltz to hip-hop.
Located in the heart of Manhattan, just steps from Times Square and close to a dozen subway lines, Simone's studio, Dance Together NYC is both convenient and welcoming.
No matter where you live or work or how hectic your day may be, there's no excuse not to check out what's taking place inside this oasis of dance. You'll love every minute of the time that you spend here.
Originally from Germany, Simone has settled into the most diverse city in the world and relishes discovering the various cultures and cuisines that make New York such an interesting place to live.
Over time, Simone has taught hundreds of students to "Dance in the Real World". "Wait one second!" you say. "What does dancing in the real world mean, anyway"
We're so glad you asked.  Simone's style and philosophy are all about keeping it real on the dance floor, no matter where it's located or who your partner is.
After only a few lessons, you really will dance like no one is watching. With a nurturing manner, Simone encourages her students to live in the moment and allow the music to take them places where they've never been before.
Most dance instructors emphasize classes in the Foxtrot, swing or the waltz. The whole time that you're taking lessons you may never, even once, dance to a song by a contemporary artist.
Now, there's nothing wrong with learning a little swing or the foxtrot. But, come on, when are you going to be able to use those steps in the real world?
Sure, they might come in handy if you are planning to compete on a reality show like So You Think You Can Dance. But, learning these dance styles is practically useless when you want to dance to the beats and grooves that the DJ is spinning at your cousin's wedding.
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In her classes, Simone teaches you the basic knowledge that is needed to be the best dancer you can be. And, you'll be dancing to the music of artists who you hear at clubs and on the radio; people like Bruno Mars, Jennifer Lopez, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift and Beyonce'.
Now THAT's living La Vida Loca in the real world. Guaranteed, you won't hesitate to shake your groove thing at the next Ricky Martin concert that you attend.
Simone is the self-proclaimed ambassador for real-world social dance. After taking a class or two with her, there will be no more waiting around for the "right" song to be played. You'll be out and about on the dance floor, ready, willing and able to dance to anything!
Don't be surprised when your friends and family ask,"Where'd you learn to dance like that?" Simone fervently believes that "If you can walk, you can dance. It's as simple as that."
We've all heard about the health benefits of dancing. It's a fantastic work-out. But Simone feels that learning how to dance is a great self-improvement tool, as well. You can learn a great deal about yourself while you build confidence and self-esteem.
"My students find that they can accomplish things that they never thought they'd be able to do. It's a feeling like no other. And you will have fun in the process."
Perfect for shy, socially challenged people, Simone's classes are a nice mix of men and women from different backgrounds and walks of life. You don't need to come with a partner or a buddy. You'll find yourself making new friends in no time.
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Dance is for everybody! It's all about breaking barriers and self-imposed limitations. Simone has had the pleasure of teaching Hollywood celebrities and athletes, teens getting ready for their prom, couples who are gearing up for their wedding day as well as senior citizens. You can elect to take one of Simone's group classes or opt for private lessons. Whatever makes you the most comfortable is fine with Simone.
Simone's very special Couple's Dance Classes give you a chance to re-energize date night. Leave the TV binge-watching and pizza behind. Get out of your apartment and shake up your night! Learning the moves to a sexy dance can do wonders to re-kindle the romance that, quite possibly, has been taken for granted in your relationship. Dance is the language of love and there is nothing like communicating with your significant other through a variety of moves and steps, while you touch and hold hands.
Your new-found chemistry will burn up the dance floor. A couple's dance class also makes for a great anniversary or birthday gift. You've got a wedding coming up in a few short weeks and you're in a panic. You just realized that you and your fiance' have yet to choose a song for your first dance as a married couple.
No need to fret. Simone has got you covered with a selection of wedding packages. She will work with you to ensure that you will look smooth and professional at your wedding reception. The biggest day of your life deserves a dance that is completely you, but also stress-free.
You have enough on your mind dealing with vendors, making sure that everything from the menu, reception hall and decor will be spot-on. Simone will work closely with you, during an initial consultation, to pick out a song that suits your personal style and the dance steps that goes along with it.
A genuine people person, Simone loves to interact with her students. No matter how nervous you may be at the start of your first lesson, she will make you feel at ease right away.
You may be stepping out of your comfort zone, but at Dance Together NYC, you will always feel comfortable and love being a part of Simone's dance family. The city and it's bright and beautiful rainbow of residents come together here.
Dance Together NYC, Fun. Fresh and Fabulous.
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