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Well Kept Barbershop Long Island City, NY 11102 | 

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Well Kept is a vintage high-end barbershop that serves the hair cut needs of one and all.

Well Kept Barbershop is the best barbershop near Long Island City. Located in Astoria Queens with vintage decor and a welcoming ambiance, our professional barbers are the best for haircuts of men, children and also women.

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Looking good and feeling good in the neighborhood!
When it's time to rock that job interview, impress your significant other or hit the reset button and change-up your look, take your styling and profiling to another level at the Well-Kept Barber Shop.
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Gearing up to celebrate their one-year anniversary on September 2nd, owners and master barbers Luis and Ruben know just what it takes to make a client look and feel their best.
With years of experience behind the barber's chair, the team at Well-Kept Barber Shop have the art of cutting hair down to a science. They will listen to whatever style and cut you have in mind and execute it flawlessly.
"We are always in tune with changing styles and can accommodate our clients for whatever look that they may have in mind," explained Luis.
"After years of working in different shops, Ruben and I have seen and done it all.  We learned about diverse barbering cultures and ways of doing things and have adapted our training to meet the specific needs of Well-Kept's clientele."
"Sometimes, when conversing with a customer, I will inquire as to what they liked or didn't like about other barber shops they have visited in the past," added Luis. " You learn a lot, that way."
When it comes to using scissors or clippers on a client's hair, the sky is truly the limit here at Well-Kept. And, they take their time with each customer. You'll never feel rushed. One size never fits all at Well-kept Barber Shop.
This is a business with personality and pizzazz that celebrates the individuality of each and every customer.
You could say that Luis has wanted to be a barber ever since he can remember. Luis started off by cutting his own hair and soon made the transition to family and friends.
 In 2008, Luis felt that he was ready to take the next step and applied for his apprentice license. The young man then began working under a barber in his hometown nabe of Jackson Heights.
Ruben, though, took more of a circuitous route to barbering. One of Ruben's earliest passions, along with barbering, was architecture.
He even went to school and studied to be an architect, but, eventually dropped out to follow his dream of opening a barber shop. But not just any shop; one that would make a positive impact on the surrounding community.
A quiet man of few words, when Ruben says something, you know that he is coming from a very genuine place.
"Knowing that I can, in some way, change people's lives by simply giving them a great haircut and transforming their mood and outlook is the thing that drives me to be the best barber  and person I can be, every day."
With magical hands and a keen eye for style, Luis, Ruben and their team offer a wide array of services. You could say that their focus is, well, razor sharp, if you'll pardon the pun.
The most popular service, by far, is the signature "Well-Kept". This service gives you a complete haircut, blow-dry, style and finish. It comes with a complimentary hair wash and hot lather neck shave. Now that's as old-school as it gets!
And, at a cost of only $40, it's a total bargain.
"Other services that we offer include Gentleman's cuts, which are basically traditional styles such as comb-overs, pompadours and scissor cuts," explained Luis.
" Clients are also coming in asking for haircut enhancement, which has been trending huge in popularity over the last couple of years. This service utilizes the use of temporary hair dyes to enhance a hairline or beard line to look more full." 
Also available are a host of premium services including "The Beard", (any trim, shape or sculpting), full head shaving, as well as the "Traditional Shave", which is a classic style straight razor face shave with steamed towels. 
When you've got a hot date planned for that evening, splurge a little and ask for the "Presidential Shave".
This service consists of a classic razor shave with a steamed towel as well as an exfoliating facial treatment and facial massage. You'll feel totally relaxed and you won't believe how baby-soft your skin will feel!
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You will also receive a $5 discount on any of the aforementioned services when combined with any haircut. That's reason enough to book an appointment asap.
You'll come out of their shop feeling like a changed man! Much like Eddie Murphy's character Billy Ray Valentine did, after his makeover from down and out, scruffy street hustler to well-groomed and sharp-dressed commodities broker in the classic comedy Trading Places.
This movie, which also starred the legendary Dan Ackroyd, has stood the test of time, both in the laugh department and as a witty social commentary.
In fact, the underlying message that Trading Places delivers may be more relevant now than it was back in the eighties when the movie originally came out.
 At Well-Kept Barber Shop, you are not merely a customer but a valued guest. Getting a trim or hair-cut is about so much more than merely sitting in the barber's chair. Speaking of which, they have some pretty fancy chairs that would not look out of place at a barber's shop back in the 1940s or '50s.
Your experience begins as soon as you walk through the door and are warmly greeted by Luis and Ruben. By the way, you will always find one of the owners on the premises at all times. this is Luis and Ruben's baby, their labor of love.
Before you can even sit down in their way cool, vintage reception area, you'll be offered a complimentary cup of coffee, herbal tea or hot cocoa.
 The vibe here is as close as you will ever come to having your hair cut in the comfort of your own home. No matter how crazy your day has been, you'll find your happy place at Well-Kept Barber Shop, for sure.
Luis and Ruben are bringing back the feel of the old time barber shop, as a gathering spot for the community. It was an era when the barber knew every customer by name and people would stop by and shoot the breeze for a couple of minutes, even if they didn't need a cut or trim that particular day.
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Sit back and relax on a plush, comfy Victorian chaise settee' and take in your surroundings. They are something quite special, indeed.
Among the objects of interest are a turn of the century phonograph and a lamp that was fashioned of a Seagram's bott
A walnut and glass curio cabinet holds a display of various facial, beard and hair grooming products from the shop's preferred artisan vendors.
 However, Luis and Ruben are currently in the process of developing their own line of grooming products, so be on the lookout for that, in the not too distant future.
 Among the eye-catching items are a collection of trophies that line the window area. These handsome trophies are not just for show, either. The owners actually won them when they competed in various barbering competitions around the Tri-State area.
 At the top of the short staircase that leads to the tonsorial parlor is an early 1900's hand-cranked telephone. You can also check yourself out, before and after your session in the barber's chair, by standing in front of a Sweeney Todd era full-length mirror.
 And, there's always some really chill music playing in the background. each of the barbers takes his or her turn programming the music so expect to hear beats ranging from classic Motown sounds and hip-hop to Lionel Richie 
Chemistry is important between a professional barber and his or her customer. That's also the key to success among business partners. Ruben and Luis have that ingredient in abundance. They complement each other in a seemingly effortless fashion.
" We first met through social media and, coincidentally, began working at the same barbershop, a short time later", explained Luis.
"Ruben is extremely into attention to detail and is more involved the creative side of things here at Well-Kept," said Luis. " I manage more of the day to day grind and handle business like interacting with contractors and vendors as well as hiring staff. That having been said, though, our duties frequently tend to overlap. ".
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Both Luis and Ruben are proud dads. "Family is everything to us, our families serve as motivation for a better future. The little free time that we have is always spent with our kids."
As you might expect, Well-Kept is a very family-friendly barber shop. Don't hesitate! Bring your son in for The Little Man, a haircut for children under twelve years old that is very affordably priced at only $20.
They also have an ongoing Father and Son combo special, where you get $5 off for each service. There's no better way to bond than bringing your little guy in and getting a haircut together. Join the community!
"We put ourselves in their shoes and just try to make the kid as comfortable as possible," said Luis. "We'll give them lollipops or a colorful, kid-friendly cape to wear while we cut their hair. Letting them hold our tools work great because they see that there is nothing to be afraid of."
We were curious to know why the owners picked this neighborhood to open their barbershop. Luis was quite succinct in his answer. "As the Realtors say, location is everything. There is so much positive movement here in Astoria and new businesses are opening all the time."
Continuing on, Luis said that "Astoria has evolved exponentially over the past decade and we wanted to be part of that growth. The fact that Astoria is one of the most culturally diverse communities in the city, was also an important factor. "
Curious as to where the owners see themselves in five years time,'s reporter asked about what the future holds for the Well-Kept brand.
Luis and Ruben did not hesitate a second before answering. "Eventually, we want to make the Well-Kept Barber Shop a household name. We definitely would like to open more locations and spread our vision and sense of community all over Queens and other parts of the city."
One of the things that both Ruben and Luis enjoy most about barbering is that it gives them the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.
"The shop doesn't really have a quote/unquote demographic," noted Luis. "Our clientele ranges from local bankers and attorneys to teens, musicians, artists and blue-collar workers. We have been privileged to meet some very interesting people in the year that Well-Kept has been open."
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When they are not barbering, Luis and Ruben enjoy listening to all types of music. Ruben, in fact, is quite the salsa dancer.
A huge sports fan, Luis loses himself in rooting for his favorite teams and taking the family out for a delicious meal at Rainhas Churrascaria, Brazilian steakhouse on Northern Blvd. 
"They have really succulent cuts of meat and their sides are amazing. Everything is served buffet-style so you can eat as much as you want."
Having grown up in the neighborhood, Ruben knows just where all the good spots are. But, he's partial to Sweet Afton, for their friendly, chill
ambiance as well as their outrageous burger and fries.
One of the perks of patronizing Well-Kept Barber Shop is that waiting time is usually minimal. There are, at least, four professional barbers waiting to serve you at any one time. That's great news for busy Astoria residents, indeed!
However, the absolute best, most convenient way to upgrade your look is to book an appointment in advance at
In less than a minute, you're done. Just place the booking in your schedule, show up and get ready to feel pampered and welcomed.
Well-Kept is a shop that proudly serves the needs of one and all. Remember those old-school barber shops that your pop and uncle used to go to; a place where old pals re-connected and new friends were made over a can of cream soda or a slice of pizza while getting a haircut or shave?
The past is alive and well in a very cool and contemporary way at the Well Kept Barber Shop, where class and professionalism never goes out of fashion. If you live or work outside of Astoria and are in need of some tip-top grooming, you'll be happy to know that Luis and Ruben's shop is centrally located, just down the block from the 30th Avenue N and W station.
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