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How it Works



You've probably noticed just by walking around the neighborhood that many places offer deals and savings. From Happy Hour at your favorite bars and restaurants to boutiques, wine stores, spas and salons, almost every local business has a deal waiting for you.

But how can you keep up with all of them?

Now there is an easy way to find out which local deals are always available to you and when. Aplez brings all local deals to your fingertips and even goes a step further. We get exclusive offers for our members.

Ways to save

1 Pre-existing deals. These are offered directly by the business
2 Exclusive deals for members
3 Online deals




What is the cost?
Membership is FREE. Get instant access to all "Member Deals" at no cost to you. 
Do I have to print the deal?
No. If you are using one of our member deals, redeem it on location by showing the deal on your smartphone.
If it's an online deal, use it on the website.
If it's a pre-existing deal, simply read the details and enjoy on location. If you don't have a smartphone you can print the page with the deal.
Are all the deals local or do you have online coupons too?
We strive to have local deals only. Sometimes thought, there are few exceptions and the merchant asks for an online coupon to be used before you visit the business. This is less than 1% of our total amount of deals.
Do I need to use my credit card?
Absolutely not. All our deals can be redeemed on location (with the exception of a few online deals.)
Do I need to create an account?
No, but it is strongly suggested that you create one. This will give you access to our "Member Deals" and you'll also be able to save your favorite deals for future use. It takes less than 5 seconds to register with your Facebook account!
At Aplez, there is nothing to buy in advance, no pre-payments and no coupon expiration dates. The only thing you really need is your mobile device, and we think you got that covered already. 
And remember, the more local deals you use, the more you help us work better with business owners to get you even more great deals you can enjoy everyday. 
Now that's simple and easy for everyone!