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Our House Queens - A Place to Gather, Create and Connect

There is nothing like living the New York City life!  People come here from all over America,  not to mention the entire world, to realize their dreams. We've got it all here. 

The Magical World of Artist Sheila Ross

From colorful paintings and sculptures to cat and cloud-adorned teapots and pottery.


The Visionary : Jenson Smith

Who among us hasn't, at one time or another, wondered "Just what does the future hold for me?"


Great Irish Pubs in Times Square

Discover Great Irish Hospitality in the Times Square Neighborhood - Pubs that you simply HAVE to check out!


Burger Mania in the Lower East Side - NYC

No matter how hard you may try; you simply cannot resist a piping hot, juicy hamburger.


Cars X Coffee and its founder Shawn Nieves

Giving your ride a brand-new look.


Sweets and Things NY

Treat your sweet tooth to something a little bit different!

If you're a fan of pop-ups and craft markets then you are most likely familiar with the beyond-delicious dessert jars that are the signature creation of baker extraordinaire Yesenia Rodriguez.


Exponential Access - Opening the door - achieving SUCCESS with less stress.

Now, more than ever before, it seems as though stress and anxiety have become part of our daily lives.


Greek Cuisine in Astoria, NY

Where the Mediterranean Diet meets Instagram-worthy dishes and trend-setting cocktails. Greece is the land that gave us civilization.

Midtown Manhattan's intriguing Bars and Cocktail Lounges, NYC

The end of the workday is a time for celebration. Before heading home, it's always a good idea to meet up with your significant other or catch up with friends and enjoy a cocktail, glass of wine and some light bites. It's the perfect way to unwind and put the cares of the day in the rearview mirror. And, oh, by the way, Midtown Manhattan's nightlife options are NOT just limited to the work week. You can party on the weekends, too. Here are a few intriguing bar and cocktail lounge options. Gather up those who you care about the most and get ready for some great times together.


The Downtown Cocktail and Mocktail Scene - Summertime refreshers that will cool you down.

A classic cocktail hits the spot just about any time of the day, night, or year, for that matter. Most mixologists even change up their cocktail menu to suit the seasons. But these cool, refreshing elixirs are particularly welcome when the high temps of Summer hit. What could be better than a nice, creative, fruit and herb-forward cocktail as you toast your friends or the love of your life? 

Fun Things to Do This Summer - NYC Parks

Concerts, yoga, kid's activities, movies under the stars, and more!



Sabun by the bay

Small batch soaps that are better for your skin, brought to you by Mother Nature.


Midtown Manhattan Dining & Drinking Scene - NYC

Fun places to explore after work and on the weekend.

Midtown Manhattan may not have the sexy foodie vibe of neighborhoods such as Astoria, Prospect Park, Williamsburg, Chelsea, and Soho; but it doesn't need to make any apologies on that front, either.  When you're hungry or thirsty and searching for something other than a chain restaurant or tourist trap, you will definitely find all kinds of diverse and elevated cuisines in Midtown. You just have to know where to look. And, that's where comes in. So, let's take a look at some of the delicious options that are available for date night, brunch, or an evening out with friends.

Jesse Lee Artworks

ARTIST IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The New York City art scene is more vibrant than ever before. Galleries in Bushwick and Williamsburg, Brooklyn as well as edifices of art in Soho, Chelsea, and Long Island City are showcasing the work of new and exciting artists. You can also discover up-and-coming and established artists at local neighborhood pop-up events and street fairs. Not to mention the colorful graffiti that adorns previously empty building walls all over the city. Art is just about everywhere you look in the Big Apple.


Sandra Jockus - Seeing the World Through the Colors of the Rainbow

The vibrant art of Sandra Jockus!  

Artist Sandra Jockus' intriguing journey in life has literally taken this talented innovator around the world. And that has influenced her art and outlook big time. Sandra spent her early childhood years in her native Lithuania before moving to Berlin where she grew up and attended high school. More than a little adventurous, Sandra decided, upon graduation, to spend one year in Tokyo as a student, as part of a special program. As things turned out, though, Sandra ended up living there for nine years. During Sandra's Japanese sojourn, she attended the Bunka College of Fashion and then worked in Tokyo's fashion industry for several years.

The Amazing Art of Erick Mota - Painting with the mind's eye.

There's art that is beautiful to look at and art that gets you thinking.


Delicious Asian Cuisine in Chelsea

Asian Cuisine in Chelsea

Chelsea is one of NYC's trendiest and most interesting neighborhoods. There is so much to do and see including the fabulous Highline, which is something of an elevated park situated on what used to be train tracks and platforms.


Date Night in Tribeca

Cool cocktails and delicious dishes to woo the one you love.

Natasha Marcano Art

Bringing the sunshine and colors of the Caribbean to your home.