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Our House Queens - A Place to Gather, Create and Connect

Our House Queens

There is nothing like living the New York City life!  People come here from all over America,  not to mention the entire world, to realize their dreams. We've got it all here. 

Endless opportunities for entrepreneurs, chefs, mixologists, teachers, techies, actors, fashion designers, musicians and professionals of every stripe. All you need to do is bring your ambition and a next-level work ethic. And, while you're moving in overdrive to make that dream a reality,  be sure to put some money aside from paying your rent ( sorry but high rents come with high demand ), and try to get out and enjoy what the Big Apple has to offer. We are talking about some of the best restaurants, bars, museums, parks and concert venues. And let's not leave out the bright lights of Broadway.

Despite the many positives, though, our city is HUGE and, thus, can seem to be very impersonal at times.  That uneasy, lonely feeling is particularly true for newcomers. But, let's be real. Sometimes even tried and true New Yorkers can feel as if they've been lost in the shuffle.  Looking to connect with others in your neighborhood and be part of a growing community? Perhaps, you are an entrepreneur who just wants to get some work done in a peaceful, cozy environment. Want to learn a new skill or just enjoy an evening devoted to fun and games?  Well, whatever your reason may be, you've found your safe space at OUR HOUSE QUEENS.

  Located in the heart of the bustling, friendly neighborhood of Astoria, Our House Queens welcomes dreamers and strivers, encouraging them to see the space as their home away from home. In fact, during the short time that it's been open, ( February 2024 ), Our House Queens has been referred to as Astoria's " living room ". And with good reason.

Unlike most co-working spaces, which tend to be rather basic, cold and ever so corporate in design, Our House Queens celebrates coziness, comfort, and, above all, style. The intriguing and eclectic ambiance blends contemporary work tables and colorful couches and sofas with antique mirrors and carefully curated art together with all manner of nooks and crannies. It is more like a spacious, well-decorated apartment than a typical workspace.  In addition, you'll enjoy amenities that include a coffee and tea bar, a lending library, an old-school record player and, well, you get the idea. The possibilities are endless. Yet, for all of the relaxed atmosphere,  things are very well organized so you CAN and WILL get things done here! With the warmer weather finally at hand, you'll also soon be able to enjoy the outdoor garden area, located at the back of the premises.

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One of the nicest aspects of Our House Queens is that the space was created with low-waste and sustainable principles in mind. That should come as no surprise once you learn that one of the guiding lights behind Our House Queens is Kayli Kunkel who is also the owner of Earth and Me,  a sustainably-minded shop selling eco-friendly items and refillable products like natural soaps, with locations on Steinway Street in Astoria and Park Slope, Brooklyn.

 Kayli's new venture is located within the environs of what used to be Earth and Me's Ditmars location. Kayli, together with her other team members Anna and Alexandra, are proud of the fact that just about everything that you will see or sit on in the space was thrifted, upcycled or repurposed from items in their homes or stuff that was donated by neighbours and friends. The only NEW stuff that the team utilized was paint, some wood, fabric for curtains and power strips. The team wanted to make as small an environmental footprint as possible and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. It may be a bit of a cliche to say it, but Our House Queens is SO Instagram-worthy. 

 Not afraid to get their hands dirty, the team did most of the manual labor and created the unique design of the space. No outside help or interior decorators are needed. The place simply exudes positive vibes.  Why, even Fixer Upper's Joanna and Chip Gaines or HGTV's Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, might be more than a little envious were they to tour the premises and see what Kayli, Anna and Alexandra accomplished over the six weeks that they spent transitioning Earth and Me into a picturesque, user-friendly co-working, community connection and event space.

Right about now, would be a good time to meet Kayli's two partners in crime and get to know more about them. Alexandra grew up in upstate New York and has been proud to call Astoria home for three years. Alexandra loves everything about her nabe, especially the strong sense of community as well as the delicious and diverse food. Favorite spots include  Pita Hot on 30th Avenue and Aliada for a special dinner with her life partner. Alexandra also would like to give a shout-out to Yug and Yoga Agora for their wellness programs and Disco Paws, where she purchases toys and treats to spoil her tiny and high-spirited puppies, Lupa.  Alexandra joined the Earth and Me team in 2022 as community relations manager, a position that she now holds for Our House Queens. 

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Anna's early years were spent on the Lower East Side, where she currently owns Babs Home and Pantry, a totally cool store that sells jewelry, art and small-batch home goods crafted by local artists. An Astoria resident for " nine wonderful years," as she puts it, Anna enjoys biking around Astoria Park and is a huge movie buff. A confirmed foodie, Anna likes to call Astoria her adult playground. Whenever she craves a night out, you'll more than likely find Anna playing trivia at Singlecut, enjoying the freshest of fish at the legendary Telly's in Ditmars, or noshing on some Vietnamese dishes at District Saigon.

During what little but precious free time she has, Kayli likes to rock climb, cook and walk her doggies Ollie and Pico around town. When it's time to dine out or just grab a reenergizing coffee or artisanal pastry, Kayli turns to Pye Boat Noodle, Chaiwalla and Coffee and Cake. She is also a huge fan of In Casa and Fern Botanica when it comes to shopping for home decor. The concept for Our House Queens was born during a brunch where Kayli and Anna were commiserating with each other about the challenges of keeping a small business up and running during economic times that were and still are far from perfect. Kali and Anna thought, how cool would it be to give the Earth and Me space a brand new lease on life by turning it into a community hub? 

Kayli, Anna and Alexandra are united in their philosophy as to the mission of Our House Queens. " Different from most co-working spaces, our aim is to be all about community. Yes, co-working is an important part of that. But, another way of creating community is by bringing creators together and encouraging them to interact or by holding events that bring

LOCALS TOGETHER. Our House Queens is not just somewhere to use your computer during the day. "

The various events that are on their upcoming Spring schedule feature something for everyone. We have the multi-talented Alexandra to thank for that since she performs community outreach and books the various artisan craft-makers and entrepreneurs who hold workshops and seminars at the space. Among the fun days and nights you can look forward to are a sewing workshop where you'll learn how to make a reversible tote bag (and take one home with you!), a donation-based yoga class, pilates, a biweekly figure drawing class, musical concerts for kids and families, an evening showcasing up and coming comedians plus two markets where local makers will be selling their wares. There will also be a panel discussion you will want to get in on, about sharing / circular economies. Do NOT miss out on UFO night. No, it's NOT what you think, either! At Our House Queens, UFO stands for UnFinished Object. You are invited to bring any project that you've been working on ( writing a screenplay or a book, knitting a scarf, whatever) and work on it amidst other creative entrepreneurial-minded individuals. Get advice, take a break and chat with other members of the Our House Queens community over tea, coffee, or water. Whatever you do, just get out of the house and gather with your Astoria neighbors.

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You might be interested to know that the space is available to rent for various types of celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and bridal showers. Their rates are more than reasonable and you won't find a more welcoming ambiance anywhere in the area.

As far as co-working goes, Kayli, Anna and Alexandra offer three very enticing options. is all about letting our readers know about great local deals and they've got just that at Our House Queens. A day pass costs only twenty-five dollars. It allows you to come and go as many times as you like on that day and you will have access to all amenities. Another ca n't-miss option is the 8-day pass package. You'll save fifty dollars with this package and you can utilize the eight days concurrently or spread them out over three months.  For the ridiculous price of just $149, you entrepreneurs out there can enjoy a MONTHLY unlimited access membership. Come and go as you please for the entire month during regular business hours. There is NO CONTRACT and you may cancel your membership at any time.

Don't live in the Ditmars area? No problem! Our House Queens is super convenient and easy to get to. Just take the N or W train to either the Astoria Blvd. stop or the Ditmars and 31st Street station. Walk one block or so from either station and you'll find the co-working and event space that you have been looking for. Come and be a part of the fabulous and diverse community that Kayli, Anna and Alexandra are bringing together at Our House Queens.

Location & Hours : 23-71 31st Street Astoria N.Y. 11106
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hours: Monday through Sunday: 7 AM to 10 PM

(Please note: Access may vary depending on special events during certain days.  Please check with Our House Queens for further information)

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