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Why Aplez?

More Deals - More Profits

We encourage you to offer more deals which brings your business more customers, more sales and higher profits.

Save Time - Grow Faster

Our unique deals search engine optimizes and promotes all your deals to the right local consumer, to help you grow faster while keeping all your profits.

Get Long-Term Results

Our expert Account Managers will custom tailor your online marketing, in the most efficient & cost effective way.

Services through


With over 2 million visitors last year, 3.5 million hits and a very low bounce rate of 30%, offers a series of professional services to businesses focusing on increasing their revenue, branding awareness, local exposure and Internet results.

Based on your needs, you can choose any or multiple of our online marketing options:

1. Banner bannerAdvertisement

Promote your business, your deal or your social media to thousands of prospective customers. We offer many different online advertising options and  provide you with the best targeted leads. 

2. Business editorschoiceInterview & Blog

Did you open recently or renew your interior? Did you change something that is worth telling? Maybe you just want to keep your name active on the market? In this case a press release from our professional editors is what you are looking for. Contact us today and we will publish your business in front of millions of local visitors. 

3. Business & listingDeal Listing

Would you like a professional business page and a separate deals page that helps achieve excellent Google search results? Then, our Featured business or deals listing, is what you're looking for. Contact us for more information and we'll create your own free business listing immediately. 

4. Sponsored Sectionssponsor

Would you like to have a banner on our top visited Pages? i.e. Would you like everyone to view your banner under the restaurants section? Contact us. 

5. Exclusive Membersmembers

Would you like your deal to be visible to  thousands of local consumers and get placed in our exclusive section? In addition, to be part of our weekly newsletter? Another way to increase your brand awareness, promote exclusive deals and earn more recognition, is by being advertised in our registered members-only section. A very affordable, results driven solution for your business.