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The Visionary : Jenson Smith

Jenson Smith

Who among us hasn't, at one time or another, wondered "Just what does the future hold for me?"


Perhaps, we have recently experienced the loss of a loved one and are seeking some sort of closure so that we can move on knowing that the dearly departed is content in the afterlife. And, let's be quite honest here, when watching TV shows like GHOST ADVENTURES and KINDRED SPIRITS, haven't you thought how cool would it be if you could work with a professional psychic or medium and have some of those nagging questions answered? Well, the good news is that now you can and you won't have to go far to do it!
JENSON SMITH is a long-time Astoria resident who, besides being a loving wife to Lucas and a mom to Oli, has been practicing professionally as a psychic medium since 2016. Connecting others with the afterlife and giving them a glimpse into their future is something that Jenson was born to do. connected with Jenson over several weeks, via phone, computer and, of course, in-person over coffee to learn more about her amazing gift and desire to help people.

With strong roots in America's heartland, Jenson's down-to-earth personality and solid family values were first nurtured while growing up in Racine Wisconsin. It was also during these years that Jenson realized that she had a special "gift" and began experiencing psychic visions and visits from people on the other side. The youngest of three siblings, Jenson's life was as close to idyllic as one can get. That is when she wasn't struggling to keep up with the older members of her brood. But, that taught Jenson how to be competitive and meet almost any challenge head-on; skills which would serve her well when she hit the Big Apple and started auditioning for stage plays, TV commercials and independent films.

"The Midwest gave me an insatiable love for nature and an ability to have fun doing nothing. In the Summer, what was considered a " big outing " with my friends would be biking to Piggly Wiggly ( a popular convenience store ), drinking a Clearly Canadian sparkling water in the parking lot and pushing each other around in shopping carts. It may sound a bit silly, but this lifestyle taught me how to use my imagination and live in the moment." Hey, that's not a bad philosophy at all. You get out of life whatever you choose to put into it.

In addition to practicing the cello and acting in one school play after another, Jenson began interacting with the spirit world. She did not consciously seek these mysterious encounters out. These souls who have crossed over seemed to gravitate to her, as is the case with most psychic -mediums. One of the initial visitations was from Jenson's great-grandfather who frequently appeared in doorways. Jenson also spotted the spirit of her pastor, who had recently passed away after losing a brave battle with MS, in the aisles of the church that her family attended. Sometimes what appeared to be random thoughts popped into Jenson's head but they turned out to be psychic visions. Needless to say, some of the family's friends and neighbors were kind of freaked out, not understanding what the little girl's "gift" was really all about. And, it took a while for Jenson herself to come to terms with it. That, however, is only natural.

"There was a spirit who used to walk along a stone pathway in front of our house every night," recalled Jenson. " My bedroom window was just above it and I could hear the sound of feet walking on stones. Funnily enough, my niece stayed in this very bedroom just this past Christmas and (without ever knowing about MY experience), told my mom the next day that she was woken up in the middle of the night by someone who was walking outside. "Strange days, indeed, as the legendary Doors lead singer Jim Morrison used to say.

Jenson moved to NYC at the age of eighteen looking to expand her horizons, artistically and personally, with the majority of her time devoted to studying acting at New York University (NYU ). It didn't take long, though, for this dedicated Mid-Western girl to stop looking back and start focusing on her new life in the Big Apple and the opportunities to be had here. Heck, everything about the city had a certain charm for Jenson, even looking for an apartment, as hard as that is to believe!

"I'll never forget my first sublet off Craiglist. It was an old walk-up building on East 9th Street and it had the absolute BEST rooftop. It kind of felt like my own private world. I would hop from rooftop to rooftop, (the buildings were connected for almost the entire block), watch the sunset, read books, call guys, and sometimes practice my cello. There's nothing like NYC. The only drawback is that it seems to be getting more and more expensive to live here. " Jenson, rest assured that you are NOT the only one who feels this way.

Eventually, Jenson ended up in Astoria, a place that she cherishes and never takes for granted. Jenson and her boyfriend Lucas (who is now her husband ), moved in together just before the pandemic hit. Their relationship grew stronger through the ups and downs of COVID-19 and now the happy couple is blessed with a cute son Oli, who is around 14 months old and is actually starting to walk, with mom and dad's assistance, of course.

"Astoria is such a friendly and supportive community. The small business owners not only ask how I'm doing but how my son is, as well. I have amazing neighbors in our building. Honestly, Astoria feels like a small town and I should know! " Jenson's favorite places are too numerous to mention, but she's a particular fan of the slices at Grand Avenue Pizza, Seva for some of the tastiest Indian food around, the peacefulness of Yoga Agora and a really cute clothing store by the name of Hara, which is located in Ditmars, tight across the street from the Bohemian Beer Garden.

As a psychic medium, Jenson has been sharing her gift with friends and family for most of her adult life. But, it was after a near-death experience in 2016, that Jenson felt it was time to start casting a wider net and help strangers with her unique abilities. Jenson studied with Stephen Robinson, the founder of HSI ( Holistic Studies Institute ). In class, Jenson and her fellow students learned the history of parapsychology and different ways of channeling. However, one of the most important lessons she learned was to trust how visions and spirits come through each person in a very different manner. Altogether, Jenson felt that studying at HSI was a beautiful spiritual experience. Stephen and his staff helped their students learn how to share their gifts in real-time situations when trying to help clients from all kinds of backgrounds including some who, initially, at least, were skeptics. wanted to know," As a psychic medium, how exactly do you assist clients who come to you with questions concerning those who have passed on or who desire a glimpse into what the future may hold for them.? "Jenson was not short on words when it came to answering our question.

"Clients ask me all sorts of questions; about their love life, relationships in general, family dynamics, tricky neighbours, the location of lost keys... you name it! When I channel, I tune into my client's AURA. Your aura is one's personal frequency. The client's frequency,
(their soul ), contains their past, present and future. Just imagine a spiritual radio station. Everyone has their own individual aura. As I'm tuning in, I ask to see what is for my client's highest good. And then, the fun starts! " exclaimed Jenson.

" Sometimes I'll see something that is seemingly out of left field but ends up being the missing piece of the puzzle. Sometimes, a query about physical health ends up being answered by a loved one on the other side telling my client to " please, let go of that guilt", that ultimately has been manifesting itself as pain in the shoulder or back. It's really amazing. Everything truly is connected to one degree or another. "

Not to get too technical, but, when Jenson tunes in she uses what is known as
" the claims ". You are most likely familiar with the term clairvoyant which is seeing images that take place now or in the future. But did you know that there are four more tools at Jenson's disposal ? In addition to clairvoyance, she will actually feel a touch from a spirit, ( clairsentience), experience a knowing or certainty, ( claircognizance ) and, believe it or not, sometimes Jenson will even taste something in her mouth ( clairgustance).

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, almost everyone's mind is on those significant others who enrich our lives. And, by that, we are not just referring to romantic relationships, but also good friends who have become part of our extended family or that sage, kind aunt or uncle to whom we can tell our innermost secrets and be judged. Wouldn't you know it? Jenson absolutely LOVES tuning into all kinds of relationships. Her warm, vibrant personality and authentic demeanor are suited to making clients feel at ease.

It's relatively easy to open up to someone who you can feel is coming from a sincere, authentic place. And, whenever the subject is the often emotionally fragile issue of relationships, that's so important. In answering our next question, Jenson demonstrated that she completely understands the nuances involved in person-to-person connection.
So, how DOES our psychic medium make it all happen?

" For example, a client might ask how can I cultivate an energy that attracts more romantic love in my life. " Hey, Jenson, we've ALL wondered about that at one time or another in our life! " With that question in mind," continued our psychic medium, " I would tune into my client and begin to see, feel and hear things. Spirit, as I call it, often shines a light on an area that can be nourished; one that's ripe for potential. Sometimes I'll see a vision of my client as a child playing with her best friend. This often points to the need for reconnection and more unstructured, silly/fun time with friends which, more often than not, is also tied to a new person entering their life, quite possibly someone with romantic potential."

Recently, Jenson started a new venture which can be seen on Instagram Live, on Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM. The show is whimsically titled ASK US DUMB QUESTIONS and Jenson's partner in crime is her good friend Kaitlin Campbell. The show goes by like a breeze thanks to the understated but very real charisma of the two hosts.

At this point, we'll let Jenson pick up the description of the show. " For those of you who can remember radio days, think of CAR TALK but instead of two mechanics talking shops, we're a couple of psychics tuning into your questions. We decided to call it ASK US DUMB QUESTIONS because we often find that our clients have a hard time putting things they're curious about into words, never mind questions. And, there are NO dumb questions. A question is simply an invitation for a spirit to chime in. So, with that in mind, please join us on Instagram Live and ask us whatever you like. Kaitlin and I take turns hosting so you'll find us on either MY Instagram @readingswithjenson or Kaitlin's @tarotforskepticalseeler.

Jenson has also been featured as a guest recently on a couple of APPLE PODCASTS that you simply must check out, particularly if you are interested in the paranormal. HAUNTED AS HELL is a riveting podcast with some light moments of irreverent humor that's hosted by comedian EMILY WINTER. The other podcast, COSMIC TUESDAYS is hosted by ANTHONY PICCO who is a brilliant astrologer and a very talented interviewer. He asks the best questions and when your subject is anyone who is as interesting as is Jenson Smith, why then, your job is that much easier?

During the dark days of COVID-19, Zoom totally changed our lives. It enabled us to actually see, hear and interact with those near and dear to us who we could not connect with in person. Now, Zoom is part of both our daily personal and business lives. With that being said, you'll be happy to know that Jenson hosts a very special Zoom group meditation and psychic readings session called the SUNDAY CIRCLE. The circle meets on the second Sunday of every month. Jenson would absolutely love to host you at the Sunday Circle.

" This is a very special opportunity to experience a psychic reading in a group setting," explained Jenson. " And it's also really fun to watch other people get messages. Channeling can be very healing. In order to tune into my clients I have to raise my vibration, let in the light and let go. The Sunday Circle is an opportunity to collectively raise our vibrations. How it works is that I lead the group in a guided meditation and then, one by one, give every participant a message. Sometimes I receive a psychic message while other times a loved one who has gone over says hello. And's a combo ." The fun starts at 7:30 PM EST so don't hesitate to text Jenson for the Zoom link and you're ready to go! Sunday Circle is the perfect way to wind down your week and look forward to Monday with renewed positive energy.

This writer could have kept the interview going forever. But Jenson had places to be and clients to meet up with. There was, however, one particular question that we needed to hear the answer to before concluding the interview. " Many people are intrigued and fascinated at the thought of reconnecting with a departed friend or relative or getting a psychic reading and finding out what the future may hold for them. But, they also may be anxious and wary about hearing something bad. Jenson, what would you say to someone with that mindset, in terms of reassuring the client and putting them at ease? "

"Great question", exclaimed Jenson. "As I said previously, I always ask the spirit to show me what is for my client's highest GOOD. When I tune into various areas of the client's life, I always see options for people. There is no set-in-stone reading. It's more like an " opening " or a series of " turning on the lights. " This way the client can navigate from a higher and clearer frequency and viewpoint."

Booking an individual psychic-medium session with Jenson is easy. There's no drama involved at all. And, she will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have during a phone chat, before booking a session. So, without further ado, here is Jenson's CONTACT INFO :

PHONE: (917) 362-8100
EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
INSTA: @readingswithjenson

You know that you've been thinking about doing something like this for a while, now haven't you? Go ahead and take the psychic plunge. You will be so glad that you did. Whether you connect with Jenson via Zoom or have the privilege to meet her in person at a local cafe like NYC Bagel and Coffee House, you'll find that you haven't only been treated to a unique experience that will change the way you see, hear and feel life in general. You'll also have made a new friend. Jenson is beyond empathetic and she will set your mind, body and soul totally at ease.

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