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Le Frape In Astoria, NY, has the best Sweet & Savory Crêpes you have ever tasted, hands down! 

Open since November 2015, the texture of our crepes is simply divine. The taste is on point and the best part is that we do not skimp on the filling. Wash your crepe down with one of our smooth coffee drinks! You cannot be our breakfast deal from 9am-Noon, 7 days a week!

If you're into delicious crepes, delightful frapes and cool artistic interiors, then Le Frape Café is your destination of choice, for weekend brunch or an after work treat. This place is super cool and trendy without trying too hard. There's some very interesting art work decorating the walls. The wood paneling lends a crisp, clean rustic air to the proceedings.

You will love the convenience factor here as well. There's a long counter running against one wall that actually has iPads and outlets where you can charge up your own device. The space is designed for people who want to eat and drink at their leisure. There is a cute little nook or alcove in the back of the café, that contains chairs, tables and a seating area complete with soft pillows. But, how's the food, you might ask? Well, it's tasty and quite creative. Savory crepes are served with your choice of salad. These are not your usual, boring everyday crepes. The humus with roasted red peppers and Feta cheese is gaining popularity with their growing customer base. Others are partial to the incredible asparagus and prosciutto crepe  that comes with lemon caper dipping sauce. They also offer a classic ham and Gruyere cheese crepe with just a touch of Dijon. It's a hearty option for lunch or dinner. Sweet crepe choices more than hold their own with their savory counterparts. It just depends what mood you happen to be in. 

The New England crepe is their signature dish and it's a winner, no matter which area of the country you hail from. This crepe is filled with cinnamon, raw sugar, butter, vanilla ice cream and your choice of syrup: berry, caramel, chocolate and of course, fresh whipped cream.

The Blueberry cream cheese crepe, blueberry cream cheese, walnuts, whipped cream, is winning fans everyday. It's not at all as heavy or sweet as it sounds. In fact, if your day hasn't been going so well, this dish will improve your mood fast. So will the passion fruit, nuts and cream cheese crepe. Paninis are available for the very reasonable price of $9.50. You build your own. First, just choose your bread (options range from Italian and whole wheat to pita and ciabatta). Next pick out your savory cuts of meat, like Mortadella, roast beef or turkey and then top it with cheeses such as Gouda, Provolone or Swiss. Side up your Panini with either coleslaw, potato or macaroni salad.

Their baristas will do right by you. They've got everything from Cappuccinos and mochas to espresso and Greek coffee. The hot chocolate is better than you'll find in most cafes and their frape can rival even the more established cafes like Omonia. To be good, a frape has to be made with a perfect ratio of ingredients or it can turn out to be slightly bitter. The folks at Le Frape  give you an award worthy drink. Sip, do a little work on your PC or iPad and then pause to sip, again.

They have some very  attractive breakfast specials. For eight dollars, you can enjoy a crepe with ham or turkey along with an organic egg, choice of cheese and a small Le Frape house coffee, hot chocolate or tea. Their special morning sweet crepe, also eight bucks, includes a choice of fruit and syrups or spreads like caramel, Nutella, dulce de leche, peanut butter or honey. Plus you also get a scoop of yogurt or ice cream and of course, coffee or tea.




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Coffee could be better but the Crepes were SO. GOOD.
The coffee here is just ok, but the crepes are awesome! When it comes to savory crepes, this place gets it right. It is a cool place to hang with a million electrical outlets so you can bring your laptop and sit forever. The couch area is really relaxing.
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