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Milos Restaurant NYC, NY. There's Mediterranean magic and delightful aromas in the air, when you enter Estiatorio Milos, one of the leading Greek restaurants in New York.

Elegant and upscale doesn't even begin to describe the ambiance here. The charm and hospitality that the Greeks are known for, has been transported from the Greek Islands to Midtown Manhattan. The spacious dining room has high ceilings and large windows that create an open feeling, almost as though you are dining outdoors. Greek artifacts such as clay pots adorn the dining room. Umbrellas, as you might find at an out door café in Greece, decorate the tables.

But, the most eye-catching  thing of all at Milos, is their indoor fish market. With your waiter as a guide, you may choose from dozens of varieties of fish, that are artistically displayed on ice. Some of the catch has been sourced locally. Other  fish have been flown in from the Greek islands, Spain and Portugal, where they were caught, only hours before. Fresh is the KEYWORD at Milos.

You have an abundance of choices as to exactly how you'd like your fish to be cooked. You can enjoy a fresh caught fish, grilled, fried, sashimi or tartare. The expert chefs at Milos will even prepare your fish as they do in traditional Hellenic homes, kakavia or achnisto-style.

Chef Costas' philosophy is that sharing food at the table brings people together and enriches the culinary experience. That's why most menu items are designed and portioned to accommodate two people or more.

You can order lobster three ways: grilled, as a lobster Athenian Pasta dish or in a warm salad with Metaxas brandy. The grilled calamari is stuffed with feta and manouri cheese along with fresh mint. Organic salmon, Portuguese sardines, octopus, red snapper, black sea bass and sfyrida are among the selections from the sea that adorn Milos large display case. To complement your meal, the kitchen offers a diverse array of dishes. The Greek style fingerling potatoes with mint, dill, lemon and extra virgin olive oil, go with just about anything. Their grilled vegetable plate is a meal in itself. You will enjoy a generous serving of eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, cipollini onions and haloumi cheese, accompanied by authentic Greek mint yogurt. The Santorini fava beans, chickpeas with spinach and steamed baby beets are  highly recommended. Other not-to-miss dishes are, the grilled octopus and the eggplant and zucchini chips with yogurt sauce.  

The craftsmanship that Milos superb kitchen is known for extends to their dessert selection. Their house-made Baklava ice cream is to die for as is the loukoumades and chocolate mousse. You might also ,(if you have room), look into a slice of their amazing Karidopita, which is walnut cake served with ice cream.

Chef owner Costas Spiliadis has created a very warm and welcoming restaurant here at Milos. It is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion. And if you don't have a birthday, anniversary or other occasion to celebrate, this week, our advice is to invent one. Treat yourself and those you love to an unforgettable lunch or dinner at Milos or simply stop by for a drink at their always happening bar.Nestled at the foot of Avenue of the Americas Plaza, Milos brings an air of Mediterranean culinary freshness into the buzzing heart of Manhattan’s Midtown.

Nestled at the foot of Avenue of the Americas Plaza, Milos brings an air of Mediterranean culinary freshness into the buzzing heart of Manhattan’s Midtown.

The focus at Milos is always on finding the best the world has to offer: the best products, the best wines, the best honey, the best yogurt, and above all, the best fish and seafood.

2016 Review - Milos NYC

Estiatorio Milos in Midtown Manhattan, NY. Chef and owner Costas Spiliadis has created a restaurant that brings the very best in Greek food, ambiance and hospitality to NYC.

Memories that will last a lifetime are made at Milos, the kind of restaurant that makes an impression on you in so many different ways. Special occasions are meant to be celebrated at a place like Milos. It is so very worth saving up a little money to give your wife the best and most romantic anniversary dinner she has ever had, And, if you have a business associate or client that you want to impress, look no further than Milos.

Visually stunning, the large dining room is flooded with sunlight, streaming in through huge floor-to-ceiling picture windows. You feel as though you are dining outdoors. At many restaurants in new York, diners use their cell phone cameras to capture the food on their plate. At Milos, you'll want to snap a photo of the delights that adorn your table. But you will also want to send your friends pictures of the restaurant itself.

Authentic Greek artifacts, clay pots and bright colors decorate the restaurant. The crown jewel, however, is Milos indoor fish market. Freshly caught fish are displayed on beds of ice. Just step up to the majestic display case and pick out your "catch". The, return to your table and enjoy a drink or signature appetizer while your fish is being grilled, fried, steamed or done up in traditional Greek style, Kakavia or Achnisto style.

Milos has a sensational lunch menu that is available for only $27.50. Unlike some prix-fixe menus, they give you a lot of choices here. Appetizer selections include grilled octopus, crab cake, scallops, beluga lentil salad with smoked sturgeon or their fabulous Mediterranean Meze plate, which includes taramosalata, hummus, tzatziki, spinach pie, Greek olives and roasted peppers. Now, that's a meal in itself.

Main course taste temptations run the gamut from a delicious tuna burger, lobster pasta, organic salmon, lamb chops and grilled Mediterranean sea bream to their signature shrimp Saganaki with cous cous. Milos also offers a Pre and post theater $49 prix-fixe menu, served between 5 PM and 6:30 as well as 10-11:30 PM, Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the prix-fixe deal is good from 5 PM to 10:45 PM.

Aside from the food, which is wonderful, you will enjoy the classical old world European style hospitality that  the wait staff provides. The servers who attend your table at Milos are living proof that courtesy and charm is not a lost art.

Hey, you work hard for your money. When you dine out, there's no reason why you shouldn't be a little spoiled. Milos NYC sets a standard of excellence that all restaurants, regardless of their cuisine or individual style, should  look up to. That's just how good it is!

Monday - Sunday:
12:00pm - 2:30pm
Monday to Saturday:
5:00pm - 11:30pm
5:00pm – 10:30pm

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