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At Nazca restaurant, located in the heart of Astoria, on Broadway, you can now find the exotic tastes and flavors of Peru.

Astoria has long been known for having some of the most diverse restaurants and ethnic cuisines in the city. That's only one reason why Astoria is the destination of choice for foodies who are on the lookout for something new, different and exciting. Within a three block radius on Broadway, foodies can choose between Thai, Chinese, classic Pub fare and  Greek or Italian cuisine. And now, thanks to the multi-talented owners and chefs at Nazca, you can throw Peruvian cuisine into the mix.

The restaurant itself is simply beautiful with subdued lighting as well as an artfully designed interior. Romance is always in the air at Nazca. If you are looking to impress someone on a first date, then you cannot choose a better location than Nazca. The exterior is adorned with glass window panels and gorgeous drawings of various plants, trees, birds and animals that are native to the Peruvian countryside.

The Peruvian people are quite hospitable by nature. That time-honored phrase "Mi casa is your house" really means something to the typical Peruvian family. That is why the Manosalvas family truly want you to feel at home when you dine at their restaurant.  And, when you taste their authentic Peruvian cuisine and sip one of Nazca's seductive cocktails, you may never want to leave the restaurant's comforting confines. Start your meal off the right way, with a superbly mixed cocktail from the Pisco bar.

In case you were wondering, Pisco is a premium Peruvian Brandy. It is considered, by many experts, to be among the finest  spirits in the world. The  bartenders at Nazca use Pisco as an ingredient in many of their drinks. Look over their cocktail menu and indulge. A nice drink only adds to the overall experience.

At Nazca, they import a multitude of menu ingredients directly from Peru in order to stay true to the spirit and unique flavor of Peruvian cuisine. The lead chef is  from the city of Nazca. He prepares his signature dishes at the Astoria restaurant, in the exact same way as he does back in Peru. This is as authentic as it gets. The owners named the restaurant in honor of their beloved hometown.  Small bites are a very important part of the overall Peruvian food experience. At Nazca, the kitchen excels at these tasty small plates.

Try a differently delicious spin on potatoes with their Causa, a dish consisting of smashed potatoes in a spicy yellow sauce with Mayonnaise. The Papa a La Huancaina is a savory blend of potatoes, olives and boiled eggs, covered in their house huancaina sauce. Nazca's signature salad is a bowl full of goodness, quinoa, beans, red peppers, white corn, limes and cilantro in a spicy yellow sauce.

Their entrees run the gamut from succulent meat dishes to fish and chicken. There are even a few vegetarian dishes on the menu. One of their most popular dishes is the Lomo Saltado. Your plate is filled with slices of skirt steak, sautéed tomatoes, red onions, crispy fries and white rice. The chef drizzles soy sauce over the sirloin, which is definitely a difference maker. Pasta lovers will delight in Nazca's Tallarin Verde, which consists of house-made fettuccine noodles, basil, Parmesan cheese and your choice of either 1/4 chicken or skirt steak. The Pescado a La Macho is akin to a seafood stew, Peruvian style. Octopus, oysters, shrimp and various cuts of fish all swim together, (not really, they're well cooked), in a delectable home made sauce.

Nazca is known for their superb ceviches. They are all pretty good, but the knock-out has to be the Clasico. This dish is not overly complex. It sticks to the basics but does the job as far as taste and quality goes. Fish, lime juice, red onions, white corn and sweet potatoes are a feast for the senses.

Desserts range from a "I've got to order this again" Lucuma cheesecake to Arroz con Leche. Once you've had Nazca's version of rice pudding, you will be spoiled. Whether you're a family looking for an evening out of the house or are a party of one, hungry and tired after work, get your party started at Nazca.

Nazca restaurant offers quinoa dishes, alot of fish dishes and a pisco bar.

Organic high quality food from our upstate farms, combined with our authentic Peruvian cuisine and a cozy atmosphere

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Great steak and Sangria
I had a skirt steak (or was it a flank steak... I don't remember) dish and sangria and I thought it was incredible. The steak was seasoned so good. These guys got it right, and the place is nice and clean.
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Best Sangria in Astoria
I love Sangria and this is the best in all of Astoria. Awesome brunch too!
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