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SVL Souvlaki Bar Astoria, NY 11102 |

SVL BAR in Astoria. Your solution to: I can't eat any more fast food.

SVL Bar offers some very tasty gyro and Souvlaki options in a clean, contemporary atmosphere. For one thing, when you enter the premises and place your order, you'll get a smile. SVL's management and staff are all about friendly and considerate customer service. Try getting that at your local fast food joint.

The flavors on their menu are as bright as is the ambiance. The modern, eclectic décor just puts you in a great mood. SVL Bar's ownership team feels that it is very important to use only hormone free meats. Natural ingredients are used for all of their dishes and, whenever possible, the kitchen  utilizes organic products.   We are all conscious about what we put inside our bodies. SVL's owners and chefs are extremely mindful of that and share your concerns.

Let's start with SVL's signature salads. The Horiatiki consists of vine ripe tomatoes, crispy, cool cucumbers, onions, peppers, capers and imported Greek Feta cheese. You even have the option of creating your own salad with mesculin greens or romaine lettuce. You can top any salad off with avocado, goat cheese, bacon, olives or halloumi cheese.

Soup selections are made fresh daily. They are all yummy, but you have got to try the classic Avgolemono with chicken broth, egg and lemon. The Greek style lentil soup is pretty awesome too. what most regulars rave about are SVL's signature meats. This is where they excel. You may choose from a variety of succulent, juicy meats including Loukaniko, gyros, chicken or pork souvlaki, beef kabob, kotobacon, sheftalies and an incredible feta-stuffed beef kabob. If you are not sure just what to eat, no problem. SVL offers shots of loukaniko, kebab, chicken and  pork gyro in mini pitas. They even have whole wheat and gluten-free pita bread. And, when you are eating here, don't forget the spread! They are all home made and absolutely delicious. Choose from the classic standby Tzatziki, hummus, tyrokafteri or melitzanosalata.

Their sides are rather limited in variety but they are tasty and filling. The rice pilaf is outstanding as are the fingerling potatoes which are seasoned with sea salt and oregano and served with sour cream. You can't get their Greek Fries at any fast food place, either. The fresh crushed oregano and crumbled feta really makes the difference.

You can really make up a hearty meal here. If you do, please don't forget dessert. They serve authentic Greek Yogurt with all the trimmings like honey and walnuts. Also available are loukoumades and Nutella pita shots. Beverage options range from  fountain soda (including free refills), Evian water and Sourti sparkling water to various Greek beverages and a  delicious Frappe.

If you can't get to Greece this Summer, then you can, at least, eat like a true son or daughter of Socrates, at SVL Bar.


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Just ok
We ordered several things for the office and it was a split decision the first time around. The second time we loved the Greek fries and the chicken gyro was good but way too salty. The bifteki (Greek meatball) was not greasy, but also lacked taste. Very average overall.
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Address: 30-18b Astoria Blvd N
Borough: Queens
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 11102
Phone: 718-406-9141

Mon 11.00am - 11:00pm ,
Tue 11:00am - 11:00pm ,
Wed 11:00am - 11:00pm ,
Thu 11:00am - 11:00pm ,
Fri 11:00am - 2:00am ,
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Sun 11:00am - 11:00pm .