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Bellelangue - Speak a beautiful language.

Karen Jessen, is a certified teacher/tutor for Spanish and French. Learn to travel in the local lingo!

A word from Karen: My first tutoring experience began well before the launching of my website,, when I tutored a fellow college student. His Spanish grades were so low that he was in danger of flunking out, but with the assistance of my Spanish tutoring, he passed the course and received his B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan University on time. During my years of teaching Spanish and French in Pennsylvania high schools, I tutored many of my students upon request. Later, when I entered the financial industry in New York, I spoke Spanish with some of my co-workers and vendors and spoke French with managers from the Louis Vuitton office in Paris. I also translated ample business correspondence and clarified some of the cultural differences from French and Spanish speaking countries that my co-workers did not understand. Perhaps the most unusual use of my tutoring skills was my bartering of Spanish tutoring to a ballroom dance director in exchange for her private Argentine Tango lessons at no cost. Afterwards, she was better prepared for her trip to Argentina, and I performed a very creative Argentine Tango routine! As an Astoria resident, I hear Greek every day, and as a perpetual foreign language student now take 4 hours of Greek each week. I can now order my dinner at e Taverna in Greek and know that the “w” is a lower case Greek omega and does not sound anything like the “w” in “work”. I appreciate the patience of the Greeks with whom I have spoken in my very elementary Greek, and I invite any of you interested in a free half hour of French or Spanish to sample my relaxed but challenging tutoring style at!
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City: New York
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Zip: 11105
Phone: 646-265-8132