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The Pomeroy - Astoria

The Pomeroy - Astoria

Lady GaGa's Astoria Favorite! The Pomeroy in Astoria, NY, is about to generate a tremendous amount of buzz among foodies who are on the lookout for the next great gastropub.

Trend-setter and Pop icon Lady GaGa, would be the first to agree since she recently attended The Pomeroy's red-carpet opening on Ditmars Blvd. The Pomeroy offers a seasonal and sensational menu of comfort food as well as some exceptionally tasty bar bites. Executive Chef and managing partner Bo O'Connor, has created a laid-back but way cool place where everyone can feel at home. We met with Chef Bo only a few weeks after their opening. It was during our visit that we looked around and realized that there is simply no place like The Pomeroy in all of Astoria. We paused for a moment to take in the intrguing decor and unique ambiance.

The Pomeroy Exterior

The atmosphere is reminiscent of an English pub. Right by the entrance, there is a beautiful bar (and the drinks are just as good as the bar looks), vintage mirrors and dark wood everywhere. Shelves of old hard-cover books line the walls giving the place a classy, but friendly feeling. Chef Bo was drawn to the Astoria location because she was already familiar with the neighborhood, as well as its culinary landscape. One of her first dates with Tom, who is now her husband, was at Astoria's incomparable Trattoria L'Incontro. Chef Rocco Sacramone's restaurant, is a place that the couple return to whenever they have the time.

The Pomeroy Bo headshot

Chef Bo was contacted by Mike McGuire, who asked her to be a consultant for a restaurant that he was going to open in Ditmars. Intrigued by the plans that Mike and Carmine, a celebrated Astoria entrepreneur and restaurant professional, had for the place, Bo told Mike that she wanted to be all-in on the venture. Bo happily came aboard as part-owner and executive chef.

Originally from Korea, Bo was adopted at the age of six by the O'Connor family who resided in Manhattan. One of her earliest memories in the kitchen was cooking a Korean-style meal of rice and soup for her grandfather. Bo's passion for cooking grew even stronger as she got older. In high school, Bo delighted in throwing casual dinner parties for her friends. After College, Bo also worked in the fashion industry, both here and abroad, for several years. When Bo finally decided to make a career change, it was her husband Tom who suggested that she return to her first love, cooking.

The Pomeroy Interior1

Bo's first job in the industry was at a friend of a friend's restaurant up in Washington Heights. The name of the restaurant was Coogan's, and Bo's job was to peel potatoes in the basement. But at least, she had her foot in the door. Bo followed that up with stints in various restaurants as a waitress, hostess, line cook and just about every job except bartender. The chef feels that this front-and-back of the house experience, helped to make her a better chef and owner. Catering private parties and special events also helped Bo to up her game.

ThePomeroy 1

Perhaps, the most interesting notch on Bo's resume, was her stint as personal chef for Lady GaGa. A childhood friend of the singer, Bo toured with Lady GaGa for almost a year, preparing healthy and nutritious meals for the singer with an emphasis on chicken breast, veggies and fish. While on tour in Germany, she got the call from Mike and Carmine (Bo's soon to be partners) that would change her life. The time had come for Chef Bo to settle down and try her luck in the competitive Astoria restaurant scene.

Bo O'Connor is one Chef who is more interested in pleasing her customers than just cooking for herself. The menu is divided up into different sections which makes ordering and eating fun, easy and accessible to everyone. She loves it when a group of friends or family members come in and order several different plates to share. The menu offerings include snacks, salads, small plates, entrees as well as Veggies and potatoes.

ThePomeroy 2

Bo carefully taste-tested her various creations with a group of friends and family who are really into food and also know something about it. Her Mom is a macaroni and cheese fanatic and she did not hesitate to give her daughter an honest opinion on the different cheese combinations, until she felt that Bo got it right. Astoria residents have been responding to the food that The Pomeroy's kitchen is turning out. Reservations are on the rise and the overall feedback has been really positive, said Bo.

The most popular dishes so far, are the Fried Chicken, the Pomeroy Burger (made with meat supplied by Pat LaFrieda), Chef's very special Kale and Brussels sprout salad and the afore-mentioned Mac and Cheese. The cheese  blend that Chef Bo finally settled on, by the way, consists of Cheddar, gruyere, parmigiano and Fontina Val D'aosta.

ThePomeroy 3

As far as the snack section of the menu goes, you won't be able to decide between the Arancini Rice balls with Porcini Mushrooms, or the decadent Polenta fries with Parmigiano, Marscapone and pomodoro. If fried pickles are your thing, the Pomeroy's fried pickles have just the right amount of snap and sour to them and the yogurt dip is dangerously addicting. The Polenta fries were inspired by Bo's American Grandmother, who liked to fry-up the previous night's leftover mashed potatoes. The entire small-plate concept at The Pomeroy, is rooted in the Korean tradition of having many different small plates of vegetables, rice, meats etc, set out at the family table.

ThePomeroy 4

The menu's large plates showcase the unusual and very personal touches that Chef Bo utilizes to turn the ordinary into something extra-ordinary. Her Chicken is named after the song "Chicken Fried" by the Zac Brown band, a long-time favorite of both Bo and her husband. The chicken is cut up and then marinated for twenty-four hours in a bath of buttermilk. This is seriously good eating. 

Grilled Veggie Paninis can be kind of boring. But not at The Pomeroy. Here, the grilled veggie sandwich is full of surprises like halloumi cheese and a luscious avocado mayo. Sea Scallops are accompanied by a smooth Cauliflower puree, corn and sugar snap peas. Even the sides shine at the Pomeroy. Didn't care for carrots when you were a kid? Then try them Chef-Bo style, all dressed up with brown sugar and adobo seasoning. The smashed Yukon Gold potatoes are twice-baked with fresh herbs and parmigiano. And let's not get started on the sweet potatoes which are baked with coconut oil and za'atar.

ThePomeroy 5

Chef Bo has a very quiet charisma about her. She is understated but there is no doubt who is in charge of the kitchen brigade at The Pomeroy. Bo is a natural born leader who deeply cares about her team. Running a restaurant is something that you can't do alone. She is poised to become a break-out culinary superstar and has proved that one doesn't need a show on the Food Network, to draw a crowd to their restaurant. Chef Bo lets her food do the talking for her. Talent wins out, each and every time.

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Location and hours :

The Pomeroy

36-12 Ditmars Blvd.
Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 721-1579
5-10 PM (Sun, Tues, Wed)
5-11 PM (Thu, Fri, Sat )
Bar Hours:
5 PM to 1 AM (Sun, Tues, Wed)
5 PM to 2:30 AM (Thu,Fri, Sat)
El Porron - Upper East Side, NYC
Best Tapas Restaurants - Manhattan East, NYC

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